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the project

Our program empowers high school students to launch social venture ideas to improve the city. We do this through an entrepreneurship curriculum that pushes students to engage with career skills like marketing, budgeting, research, etc. After going through our curriculum, we launch the best ideas through seed investment, mentor matching, and setting tangible goals. We want to launch 3 additional projects next year. Our hope is that our students will reach 100% of their goals they set via the $700 per project that is provided. Our key partners will be local schools. 

the steps

Our program starts with a 13 week curriculum in a classroom. After the 13 weeks, we take the best ideas and and launch them over a 6 month span. In order to achieve success, we need to make sure that our students are connected to the right people in the city and have the right resources to make a sustainable impact on their community. 

why we're doing it

We are launching this project because we truly believe that all students, regardless of where they live or how they grew up, deserve the opportunity to launch an idea that can impact their community. Our program seeks to solve two problems:

-the fact that many youth leave the city due to more opportunities in other cities (talent drain)

-the lack of workforce development due to certain skills not being cultivated (creative thinking, problem solving, etc).

Our goal is to empower youth across the city to start thinking about their community in a positive way by engaging with their passions. Through this engagement, we guide our youth to believe in their potential to change Memphis. Our ultimate goal is to change the way we think about innovation in classrooms. 


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4/17/15):

RAISED = 1650.00
ioby Platform Fee  35.00
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 47.04

The $1,567.96 raised will be spent on student venture projects.



Total Budget-$2,500

Total Venture Project Costs-$2,250 

-Each project costs $750 to launch. That $750 will go towards launching a website, creating marketing materials, buying resources for respective projects, hosting a launch event, and marketing their idea. Since each idea is so different, it is hard for us to pinpoint where each and every dollar goes when speculating about  the future. We require receipts and invoices for all purchases and we conduct an annual audit through the local foundation we work with. 

Curriculum Development-$140. The remaining $140 will go back into the development of our ideas at the school level. We will use this money for consulting with different teachers, consulting with local community leaders, and designing new strategies to keep our kids innovative. 

SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $75



Thank You!


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