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the project

Public School 57 Hubert Humphrey is leading in student success across several environmental initiatives from recycling collection to biodiversity promotion to renewable energy vehicles. 

The newest environmental themed project in which students are working on is energy conservation.  After conducting an energy audit, students would like to upgrade from incandescent bulbs to LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights across the school.  Our project plans to replace one hundred and four 300-watt incandescent bulbs with 12-watt LED bulbs across school hallways, the auditorium and cafeteria. 

LEDs are the next generation of energy efficiency and PS 57 is hoping to become a leader and exemplar for energy conservation across NYC public schools. 

the steps

Numerous energy conservation ideas have been thought over by students of the PS 57 Green Team. 

The students researched various energy saving appliances and have agreed that the best way to save on electricity costs is by changing inefficient incandescent bulbs with longer lasting low wattage LED bulbs.


why we're doing it

Changing over to LED bulbs has multiple effects: electricity and energy conservation, financial savings; reduction in fossil fuel emissions; and most importantly, students have an understanding and comprehension that actionable change can begin with them and extend across their community.


1) One-hundred and four dimmable 12 watt LED lights, $30 each: Total= $3120 + ioby fee ($35) + 3% credit card processing fee ($93.60) + 5% fiscal sponsorship fee ($156): Total to fundraise= $3404.60


Thank you message from the project leader!

Results from the Green Cup Energy Challenge!

Results from the Green Cup Energy Challenge display that PS 57 reduced its energy by over 16% compared to last year's baseline. This remarkable achievement was due to student behavior change, awareness campaigns, and a strong commitment from administration and custodians.

NYC's Department of Education recently honored the initiatives taken place within the school grounds, and this is an accomplishment worth recognizing.




Last week PS 57 experienced a black out! No lights, No electricity, No power! Classes were canceled and students were sent home. The misalignment was caused by a mishap from an electric company.

During this confusion, the students recognized how reliant we are on non-renewable energy sources. Even though the day was clear, cloudless and full of sunshine, we couldn't harness this solar energy to conduct a normal school day. Nonetheless, the students placed a positive spin on the event, suggesting that the school saved and conserved large amounts of energy!


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