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the project

The New York City Mountain Bike Association would like to build a "learn to ride a mountain bike trail" in Highbridge Park in Manhattan.  Some beginner but mostly intermediate and advanced trails already exist in the Park but we would like to introduce the sport of mountain biking to a whole new generation of New Yorkers by building a progressive course for all abilities.  The learn to ride trail would be suitable for first timers and those looking to improve their skills.  A relatively flat beginner loop trail will consist of progressive features to help riders learn to climb, decent, and navigate singletrack.

Our plan is to raise funds and secure resources to remove debris, plant erosion control and perimeter plantings, and create signage to provide visual aids.  We expect members of the community, especially local youth, to be involved along with a wide range of first timers who would like to learn how to mountain bike.  Once complete we expect the Learn to Ride trail to host first timers for years to come through events and programming.

the steps

Making use of the resources of the International Mountain Bike Association we will submit a design to the New York City Parks Department for approval.  Once approved we will breakdown the project into resources needed and manpower required.  Volunteers will be educated on proper technique for building a sustainable trail followed by hands on trail building.  Plantings and signage will follow with an event to celebrate the projects completion and grand opening.

why we're doing it

Since building the City's first mountain bike trails in Highbridge Park we have recognized the need for beginner level trails to teach the sport of mountain biking.  The Community has a need for physical activities and mountain biking provides twice the aerobic burn of traditional cycling so it provides greater bang for your buck.  The New York City Mountain Bike Association was awarded a grant to host the International Mountain Bike Association Trail Care Crew in April of 2011.  The Trail Care Crew taught local riders and youth sustainable trail building techniques applicable to hiking biking, and equestrian trails.  We plan to build on the programs success by giving local youth and Scout Troops, who are required to perform community service /volunteer projects, the skills and training to become the next generation of stewards in New York City Parks.


$400 for plants,
$500 for clay dirt and materials,
$300 for signage,
$200 for tools and gloves, and
$100 for food and drinks.

project total = $1,500
ioby fee = $120
total to raise = $1,620


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