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Khara W
1422 Jackson Ave.
(Vollintine Evergreen Community in Midtown & North Memphis)
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Thank You Donors and Volunteers!

the project

A mural art piece proposed by V&E artist Khara Woods and VECA at the corner of Jackson Avenue & Garland Street representing the beauty, history, and unique architectural identity of Vollintine Evergreen. 

Shades of green are used prominently in the design to promote our architectural landmarks and to emphasize the importance of Vollintine Evergreen's unique identity within the community and beyond. A graduated color scheme, progressing from dark to light, signifying the importance and acknowledgment of our past while we grow toward a brighter future together. 

the steps

Vollintine Evergreen Community Association (VECA) will collaborate with artist Khara Woods and community stakeholders to transform a defaced wall by adding depth and colorful mural art.

1.    Create a concept for the mural based on a theme emphasizing Vollintine Evergreen’s unique architectural identity and the importance of the neighborhood association VECA within the community.

2.    Create a painting schedule.

3.    Prepare the painting surface by power-washing and priming.

4.    Outline the mural image on the outside exterior wall.

5.    Install the mural with paint and any other media needed.

why we're doing it

The goal of our project at the corner of Jackson Avenue & Garland Street:

  • Address and transform a blighted area within the neighborhood.
  • Revitalize and beautify a public space.
  • Uplift and inspire residents. North Midtown is in the midst of a vibrant transformation due to committed investment in the Crosstown Concourse project. 

VECA works directly with property owners and merchants to promote commercial revitalization and improve the conditions and services available in its neighborhood business areas. The location of our project provides a tremendous opportunity in terms of artistic possibility and community benefit. 

VECA has a strong history of supporting local artists and using collaborative public art projects to improve our neighborhood and the lives of Vollintine Evergreen residents. These efforts include the Headshots Mural by mother and daughter duo NJ & Khara Woods at Jackson Avenue and Evergreen Street; our annual V&E Artwalk in April; and our public art installations like the "Blue" Big Kids, Music Playstation, Stained Glass VECA Bike Rack, and "Are There Fish in Lick Creek?" sculptures along the V&E Greenline.

VECA aims to have this project act as a catalyst for community engagement, reduce the impact of tagging and graffiti vandalism, and encourage street improvements benefiting the businesses and residents of the area. 



DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10/21/16):

RAISED = $800.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) waived



Mural Budget Estimate



Small Wall Size


Mural Paint









ioby Platform Fee  waived
Donation Processing Fee (3%) waived



Thank You Donors and Volunteers!


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