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the project

New Life Cathedral will run a summer camp for youth in grades 4-8. Classes will focus on engaging students in a hands-on, experiential environment and innovative structure of activities that reinforce reading and math skills, problem-solving, increase creativity and promote positive behaviors. Through
interaction with mentors and speakers, participants will additionally be exposed to entrepreneurship,leadership development, social/emotional learning skills, networking, as well as career and post-secondary educational opportunities.

Upon completion of the Lead and Learn Innovation Camp, students will increase their chances for academic success as they exercise entrepreneurial leadership skills, critical thinking, participate in and demonstrate problem-solving skills, broaden their knowledge base, enhance their technological skills,
and reinforce their reading and math skills.

the steps

  • Recruit students
  • Secure Instructor and Peer Leader
  • Purchase camp materials
  • Finalize curriculum detail and camp activities

why we're doing it

Historically disadvantaged student groups start the academic year with achievement levels lower than where they were at the beginning of summer break. During summer vacation students, on average, lose 25-30% of what they learned through the school year. Teachers find themselves re-teaching the first 6 weeks, especially in the areas of reading and math.

Money raised will help offset the equipment, materials and other costs associated with running the summer camp.


  • $3,000 for equipment and software costs
  • $3,500 for supplies and materials
  • $3,500 for curriculum
  • $5,000 for lead instructor stipend


ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $465
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $15,500


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