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the project

Lawrence Songbook is a first-of-its-kind local legacy project devised to celebrate, uplift, and amplify the songs and songwriters of Lawrence Kansas.

One year ago this month, a group of musicians and organizers came together in an effort to develop a local legacy document for the music of Lawrence, KS. The first step was to establish two committees of knowledgeable song selectors. One committee was set to nominate local songs across genre and era. The second committee was tasked with focusing that large group of nominations down to twelve songs that would be included in volume 1 of Lawrence Songbook.

Now, one year later the selections have been made and those songs have been transcribed into sheet music. In addition to hosting the superb music of our place, Songbook has also been fully illustrated by local artists Adam Lott and Nicholas Stahl. The 70+ page publication will feature hand lettering and song inspired illustrations. We look forward to sharing this first-of-its-kind songbook with the Lawrence community this March. 

By supporting Lawrence Songbook you are expressing your value and recognition of the cultural significance of Lawrence's beloved songwriters. Imagine that you were able to access a version of Lawrence Songbook from the 60s or 70s, what would the music be? How has it changed over time? What were the songwriters of this place focused on? Wouldn't it be great to learn and play those songs, to hold and share that document? This is the opportunity that we have before us, to value and uplift our songmakers by supporting the creation of Lawrence's very own songbook.

the steps

Lawrence Songbook is already well on its way to publication but it needs a surge of community support to take it through the final stages. The selection process for songs, the work of transcribing and notating those songs is complete!  Roughly half of the graphic design has already been completed as well. Everything is leading up to the Songbook Showcase release event, which will be held at Liberty Hall on March 2nd. This event will feature local musicians performing one another’s songs in celebration of Lawrence’s beautiful musical tapestry. It will also be the physical release for the songbook publication. With your help, this campaign aims to ease the completion of the remaining tasks:

1. Finalize the publication’s artwork

2. Complete our in-depth songwriter interview series with KJHK

3. Coordinate with area musicians for the March, 2nd "launch event" at Liberty Hall

4. Begin the “Songbook Calendar.”

5. Print Lawrence Songbook Volume 1.

why we're doing it

Lawrence residents’ young and old alike recognize the long-standing history of this community’s rich local music culture. Working as a bearer of that culture, as a steward of this community’s musical legacy, Songbook offers a platform for celebrating and sharing the lyrics and melodies that inform, express and sometimes challenge our sense of place. 

Songbook will be accessible to our community’s youngest and oldest members! Imagine growing up learning the music of the songwriters of your place. Kids coming home from school singing the words to a song by Danny Pound, Truckstop Honeymoon or Suzannah Johannes. Through Songbook, we have the opportunity to celebrate and uplift our songwriters.

Working in partnership with KJHK, Songbook is developing a series of in-depth interviews for each of the publication's included musicians. These interviews will air for an entire week leading up to the March 2nd Songbook Showcase at Liberty Hall.  This interview series is meant to take listeners beyond the surface and to connect them more fully with the songs and song makers of our place.

Through our partnership with Lawrence Public Library, Songbook will host the “Songbook Calendar.” Each month, one featured Songbook Song will be set fourth as a community challenge. Any and all community members, young and old alike, with professional and novice skills, will have the opportunity to interpret and share their versions of these celebrated works. In this way, Songbook becomes not only a platform for securing the legacy of songs but also for promoting new iterations through interpretation.


Great idea that coulda/shoulda been started decades ago! Thanks for igniting the project ~ hopefully, it will blossom and persist!



RAISED = $3,974.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $114.73

Total funds acquired via ioby = $3,824.27
Publication expenses afforded through ioby:
1. Illustration/original drawings Adam Lott $1,000
2. Design and graphic layout Nicholas Stahl $1,000
3. Songbook printing $1,824.27



Remaining goal to raise:

Songbook printing $2,000
Event space rental/production $2,400
Musician fees/compensation $4,800
Project admin/direction $5,000
Legal fees $600
Songbook artwork/design $3000
Promotion/documentation $1500
Total $19,300

SUBTOTAL = $19,300
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $579
TOTAL TO RAISE = $19,914



Songbook hits the news!!!




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