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the project

Summer after summer, as mothers, we face the challenge of finding affordable activities to support our children. Each year, we grapple with limited options and financial constraints, striving to provide enriching experiences for our families. Frustrated by this recurring struggle, we, determined mothers, have decided to take action. Coming together as a united force, we recognize the need to understand the root causes of our difficulties and to create sustainable solutions for ourselves and our community. Our mission goes beyond merely addressing the immediate issue of summer activities. Instead, we seek to build lasting relationships within our group and the broader community, identifying gaps in existing support systems and working together to fill them. This project, "Latina Immigrant Mothers Taking Action: Bridging Summer Gaps," aims to shed light on the challenges we face in our quest to provide for our children. By sharing our experiences and aspirations, we hope to inspire others to join us in our mission, turning struggle into strength and creating a better tomorrow for families in our community. Utilizing the budget allocated for eight summer events, we are poised to make a meaningful impact and empower our community, bridging the summer gaps for our children and families.

the steps

Our team will take the following actions to ensure the project's success:

1. Project Planning Meeting (April):
   - Schedule a meeting to discuss timelines, responsibilities, and objectives.
   - Allocate tasks to team members for effective planning.

2. Procurement of Supplies (April-May):
   - Purchase necessary activity materials while adhering to the budget.

3. Hiring Facilitators (May):
   - Conduct interviews and finalize the selection of qualified facilitators.

4. Venue Booking and Transportation Arrangements (May):
   - Secure venues for events and organize transportation logistics.

5. Menu Planning and Meal Preparation (May-June):
   - Plan nutritious menus and procure supplies for meals and snacks.

6. Ticket Distribution and Outreach (June-July):
   - Distribute subsidized tickets to low-income families and promote the project within the community.

7. Event Execution (June-July):
   - Host a series of eight events offering diverse activities and workshops.

8. Evaluation and Reporting (July):
   - Evaluate project outcomes and compile a comprehensive report for stakeholders.

why we're doing it

We're addressing the social issue of access to affordable summer activities, especially for Latina immigrant mothers in our community. Through our initiative, "Latina Immigrant Mothers Taking Action: Bridging Summer Gaps," we're tackling this challenge head-on. Submerging ourselves in the issue, we've come to understand the struggles firsthand and the need for sustainable solutions. Our passion for positive change drives us to provide diverse summer activities and a supportive community network. By empowering ourselves and other mothers, we aim to create a stronger, more inclusive community where our children can enjoy enriching summer experiences, regardless of financial constraints.


Budget for Eight Summer Empowerment Project Events:

1. Activity Supplies:
   - Arts and Crafts Supplies: $2,500
   - STEM Materials: $2,000
   - Sports Equipment: $2,000
   - Cultural Celebrations Supplies (Costumes, Decorations, etc.): $2,000
   - Field Trip and Outing Supplies: $1,000

2. Class Facilitators:
   - Hiring Class Facilitators (for workshops, educational sessions, etc.): $5,000

3. Venue and Transportation:
   - Venue Rentals (Community Centers, Parks, etc.): $3,000
   - Transportation for Outings (Bus Rental, Gas, etc.): $2,500

4. Meals and Snacks:
   - Breakfast and Lunch for Participants (50 children, 20 adults) per event: $1,000 (Total for eight events: $8,000)

5. Ticket Access:
   - Subsidized Tickets for Low-Income Families (50 children, 20 adults) per event: $750 (Total for eight events: $6,000)

Total Budget: $30,000


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