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the project

The underpass of the Lake Road Railroad Bridge off of Clifton Boulevard is a major link to Edgewater Park. Unfortunately, the bridge and its underpass are in disrepair. Through an underpass and hillside beautification  project, we wish to help create a more inviting link from the West 80's to Edgewater Park. Doing so will promote and encourage active lifestyles and reduce the dependence on driving.The project also aims to foster community, be a source of pride for neighbors, and create a cheerful, positive space that will contribute to mental well-being for all who pass by. In addition to cleaning up trash and debris, an installation of artwork created by neighbors and professional artists will convey themes surrounding sustainability, Edgewater Park, Lake Erie, native plants, and community. Residents and artists of all ages are encouraged to submit photos and other forms of art that convey the mural theme. Poems are welcome too. 

the steps

1. Begin collecting digital copies of artwork: March 1, 2018

2. Clean up day: a Saturday in mid July

      Trash and vine removal 

      Power wash underpass walls

      Sweep sidewalk


3. Art in the park: summer 

Provide neighbors of all ages a chance to contribute art for the underpass installation

4. Underpass Pop Up Event: August (to coincide with programming at Edgewater Park such as the summer concert series)

      Begin collage installation

      Generate ideas for continued improvement of the site

     Neighbors and friends are encouraged to bring refreshments.

     Music will be provided by: (volunteer to get involved)

5. Celebration of project & brainstorm of next steps for the site and surrounding neighborhood: a Saturday in early October 

       Plant bulbs, trees, and shrubs around the site

       Neighbors and friends are encouraged to bring refreshments.

why we're doing it

The poorly maintained railroad bridge on Lake Avenue is an eyesore of the Cudell neighborhood. More significantly though, its dreary underpass discourages walking and biking through to Edgewater Park and the surrounding community. Cleaning up the underpass and installing community created artwork will promote neighbors walking and biking around the neighborhood. An improved underpass and project events will foster community and better connect residents on both sides of the railroad tracks. Children heading to and from school, as well bikers and other pedestrians, will be uplifted and inspired by the colorful, cheerful artwork depicting the joys and importance of being active outdoors and living sustainably. Please help be an agent of change by supporting this project!


Disbursed Budget 8.21.18

Raised = $5,725.00

less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $165.73
Total to Disburse = $5,524.27
Additional funds will be used for purchasing plants


Original Budget

Total: $5,500


Spring Clean Up Day: $200

Gloves: $50

Power Washer Rental: $100

Trash Bags: $10

Water and Snacks: $40


Art in the Park Program: $450

Art supplies: $200

Coordination and planning: $250


Mural and Pop Up Event: $3100

Prints for mural: $1,500

Mounting Mural: $1,500

Pop Up Supplies: $100


Fall Celebration and Planting: $250

Bulbs: $100

Tree or shrubs: $110

Water and snacks: $40


Stipend for Project Coordination, Mural Design, and Implementation: $1,500



Subtotal =


ioby Platform Fee 


ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)


Total to raise =




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