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Michael R
4114 Bagley Street
(South West Detroit/ Mexican Town )
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the project

Our idea for our neighborhood project is called La Esquina Mini Mercado and Cultural Enclave. Our vision is to convert two vacant lots into a multi purpose, multi use garden, performance space, market and arts enclave. Currently our cultural house /non for profit is adjacent to the two empty lots that have gone unused for the last 20 years.  We hope to create a vibrant corner hosting farmers and artisans markets, outdoor event space, a permanent performance stage, and outdoor kitchen with both water and electrical hookups. In addition, the side of our current cultural house faces the lots, we plan to paint a culturally relevant mural dedicated to the famed Mexican artist Frida Khalo. 

the steps

April 15 we begin the final plans and designs and necessary permits are pulled

May 15 we begin to prep the area, posts are dug for fencing, space is clear and prepped for fencing 

June 1 6 weeks of programing with GDYT youth and young builders begin to build out entire project

July 15 project will be completed and ready for public event 

August 1st Public opening of the space with press run and community festival

why we're doing it

We hope to create a vibrant corner hosting farmers and artisans markets, outdoor event space, a permanent performance stage, and outdoor kitchen with both water and electrical hookups. We envision La Esquina to serves as a nighttime green parking lot, as our community grows the need for parking is becoming greater and greater, La Esquina will provide safe parking in our community for both community residents and visitors alike.  As space becomes more valuable we seek to create a pathway to usable multi purpose space, open to the community for not only smaller events as described above but small festivals and open markets. In the midst of food deserts, red tape from the city and county government to sell in many of the public parks and spaces, we envision La Esquina to be play for community commerce. La Esquina will be a gathering place to not only participate in tradition but to also create new ones. 


Summer Builders Guild $10,000.00 


Working along with the summer Grow Detroit’s Young Talent program the summer builders guild will help build, design and develop the entire lot project including the mural, stage area, and landscaping.  10 young builders @ $1000.00 each for 8 weeks of projects.


Project Materials $6,000.00


This will be used to purchase building materials, decking for stages, fencing, mulch, plants, small trees and shrubs and general beautification materials.  Patio spaces, fire pit and stone fountain will be part of this build.


Activation Purchases $2,500.00


As part of this projects we will need basic seating, folding tables and chairs, permanent sound system, lighting and also various cords, plugs and wires. 


Two Steal Shipping containers $2,500.00


Both for activation and storage we plan to build out a small contained staging area and storage facility for the mercado activations. 


Tools and Machinery  $3000.00


Basic tool sets for participants and community members participating in the summer build. Generator, post diggers, lawn mower, power tools, paint sprayer will be used for the completion of the project. 


Mural and surrounding painting $2,500.00


$1000.00 will be used to purchase paint, sealer and proper prep. $1,500 will be used to pay the artist and designer of the mural and painting details.  


Lead Licensed Builder $2,500.00 


This partially volunteer licensed builder with co-manage the entire project and will facilitate proper permits and licenses for the duration of the project. The $2,500.00 is a stipend to be given at the completion of the project. 



Food, snacks and water $1000.00


This will provide light snack and water through out the summer until completion of the project. 


ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $929
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $30,964


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