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La Casa Guadalupana D
4330 Central Street
(Southwest Detroit)
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We're on our way.

the project

Our Program:

  • Prepares students for the GED examination through classes taught exclusively in Spanish by bilingual speakers--the only program with this model in the region.
  • Builds facility with English through ESL (English as a Second Language) courses.
  • Facilitates participation by providing childcare while class is in session.

Further supporting this mission, we offer additional programs to any member of the community:

  • After-school tutoring (grades 1-8).
  • Outreach services include a health fair, presentations on women's health, immigration issues, domestic violence prevention, personal finance, and safety certification for home and workplace.

the steps

We plan to:

  1. Build workforce readiness and partnerships so that students can enter the pipeline for year-round, higher-wage employment, further education, or college
  2. Offer more scholarships for materials and books for disadvantaged students. 
  3. Build business/entrepreneurial skills so that students can use their education to help their families by providing training in jewelry making, cake decorating, and other interests.


why we're doing it

We need financial support for our unique educational workforce preparation and cultural programs in this difficult political environment. The success of our program has brought us more students and we've needed to hire more teachers.  Sucess is exciting and important for the community but it puts stress on our small budget.  Since we are funded by grants and donations, we need your help. Students in our program come with a ready supply of grit, self-reliance, entreprenuerial talent and a strong sense of community.  Often what stands between them and integration into the workforce and meaningful employment, is a high-school diploma and facility with English.


10,000 for:

1) educational materials and expenses;

2) to develop a program using the arts to expand workforce training and entrepreneurial/business opportunities for our clients. Our students are mostly Hispanic, and benefit from working in Spanish and English with many bilingual teachers and staff. 

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $310
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $10,345


We're on our way.

We have reached 25% of our goal.  Thank you!  Let's keep it up!


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