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the project

Will be showing at Imported Studios and Guild Theater in Sacramento CA.

Synopsis: Inspired by a real fantasy (Drama, Sci-Fi). Kobeee! is a short film inspired by the life of one of the greatest basketball players to ever grace the court. When a young Black kid moves to a new school in America with dreams of playing basketball one day, he is met by a Guidance Counselor who tells him his goals are unrealistic. Now struggling with his inner demons metaphorically and literally, which has him embark on a journey of zombies, parkour, and flight.

The money raised for this production will be used to pay for film equipment, crew, stunts, and locations. After completion, we want to submit the film to film festivals to gain wider audience viewing.

the steps

Script Breakdown: Breaking down the script by characters, locations, 
Procure Locations: Finding We already have leads on potential locations that we can use.
Casting: Sourcing and casting for all of the roles.
Stunt team Coordination: Coordinating with our stunt team (parkour, wirework).
Shoot Scheduling: Lock in the days and times for every scene.

7 Shoot Days: As of right now we are scheduled to film across 7 days of production at various locations.

Develop Film: We will be using the classical method of shooting on film reels which require several days time to develop.
Organize: We will then organize the files on our hard drives to prep for our editor to edit them into sequences
Proxy Files Creation: This step is to make proxy files that allow the editor to work with smaller file sizes that won't strain computer systems with their data input.
Draft: A first pass at editing the film into one complete video file.
Rough Cut: After 1st rounds of notes, another pass at the film is made by the editor.
Fine Cut: After 2nd rounds of notes, another pass at the film is made by the editor.
Final Cut/Picture Lock: The last round of notes were implemented and the film in its "purest" form is complete.
VFX Pass: The picture locked film is passed onto the VFX artist who will go in and remove wires from stunts, and add any visual enhancements.
Color Grading/Correction: This is where the film is handed off to a Colorist who's job is to focus on enhancing the colors of the film including skin-tone, contrast, peaks/blacks, film grain, and more.
Composition: The composer gets together with the director and lays out a plan for the music composition of the film.
Music Rough Cut: A 1st round pass of the music is given for review and notes are given back.
Music Fine Cut: A 2nd round pass of the music is given for review and notes are given back.
Music Final Cut: A 3rd round pass of the music is done and the music is considered complete.
Live Composition: The hope is to have enough funds to work with a live orchestra to help enhance the emotional journey of our hero.

why we're doing it

With this film we hope to showcase a part of the conceptual and widely unknown life of Kobe Bryant, back when he was only known as "Bean." The writer/director D'Adonis Moquette and Cinematographer Alex Ajayi are both African Americans who understand and relate with what it feels like to be told that your dream is unrealistic and still try to go for it anyway. We hope that this will inspire future generations of viewers to stay passionate and devout in their aspirations.


Disbursed Updated Budget 3/7/2023:

Camera Rental $2,800
Lens Rental $3,375
Hard Drives $400
Stunt Team $6,000
Director $359.02
Food Budget $2,100
Grip Equipment $1,250



  Normal Fees Waived Fees
TOTAL RAISED = $16,532.00 $16,532.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $826.60 Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $247.98 $247.98
TOTAL TO DISBURSE= $15,457.42 $16,284.02




Kobeee! Budget
Running Time: 10min.
Ratio: 2.40:1
Based on a 7 Day Shooting Schedule


  • Director/Producer - 1 = 200.00 
  • Producer - 3 = 600.00
  • 1st AD - 1 = $200
  • 2nd AD- 1 = $200
  • Cinematographer - 1 = $200
  • Cam Op - 2 = $200
  • Sound Engineer - 1 = $200
  • Audio Assistant - 1 = $200
  • Gaffer - 2 = $400
  • Key Grip - 2 = $400
  • HMU - 2 = $400
  • Stunt Team - 2 = $4,000
  • BTS Camera A - 1 = $200
  • BTS Camera B - 1 = $200
  • PA - 2 = $200


  • Meals - 20 people for 5 days @ $10 = $1,000
  • Hotel - 6 days @ $83.33 = $500.00
  • Studio Fees @ 1 day = $893.15
  • Permits = $250


  • Rolls of Film - 6 rolls @ $60 each = $360
  • Lenses - 7 days @ $300 = $2100
  • Crane/Jib - 1 = $1000

TOTAL: $14,303.15

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) Waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)
Donation processing fees apply to donations only. 100% of match funding goes to projects. Please note, fees are estimated here and final numbers may change based on the final amount raised and amount of match funding applied to this campaign.  




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