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the project

We are curating a space for emerging fashion creatives designers, i.e. models, designers, etc. The cost to produce a fashion show that feels special and high end are quite expensive. The funds necessary are not always readily available especially to those within the BIPOC community. The Kismet Fashion Showcase is an opportunity to create something for the BIPOC community of fashion industry professionals. Oftentimes, we work in spaces that aren't  welcoming and/or affirming. With this showcase, we decided to create a space where our style, imagination, and voices can be celebrated. We want to invite and encourage the next generation fashion enthusiasts to see that there is space for them, their voices and their new ideas. 



the steps

Confirm the date with the venue-due by May 15th

Find models, designers, and production assistants for the showcase.- due by May 31st

Contact local colleges and high schools to find two emerging designers to be part of the showcase- due by June 15th 

Contact BIPOC businesses to find products to include in our swag bags- due by June 30th

Contact fabric stores to donate products for designers- due by July 15th

Find a DJ for the evening- due by July 15th 

Finalize items in the models swag bags- due by July 31st

Finalize the program for the evening-due by August 8th


why we're doing it

I have worked in the fashion industry for the past decade. As a woman of color, I have often felt unwelcome in certain spaces. I have watched other women and men in the industry be given opportunities while I was overlooked. I decided to press forward and keep trying. I have volunteered at many shows, pop ups, and photoshoots. I've tried to learn as much as I could. Over the years, I have met people who have experienced the same things that I have while working in an industry that we all have come to love. We decide to put our talents and skills together and create a space where BIPOC models, designers, hair  stylists, and make up artists can express themselves through their passion for fashion. I wanted to curate a space where the production team and models feel that their talents are appreciated. To accommodate this, we have INTENTIONALLY made sure that the models AND the production team will be compensated. The fashion industry is where diversity, equity, and inclusion should be celebrated. With this project, we intend to do just that. 

While working backstage at a fashion show last summer, I met an aspiring event planner, LaDawn. After speaking with her, she asked if she could shadow me. I do not have the extra money to pay her for her time. Instead, I have invited her to various events throughout the city where she has had the opportunity to learn and network. I use this example because LaDawn was at the point of giving up on her dream of producing events. She has now been asked to work more events in the last year than she has ever done. Her hard work has shown me that she is serious about her craft. Which is why she is on the production team for the fashion showcase.This is the kind of opportunity that I would like to continue to give the next generation of creatives. 


Disbursed budget 08.19.22:

TOTAL RAISED = $2,130.00
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $31.95

Original budget:

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) N/A
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Production Team-$1200

Stipends for Artists- $1500

Production Costs-$5,300


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