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Thank you for supporting Delveries of Food and PPE at Kings County Senior Residence

the project

This project began in early April, when our team learned from a resident at Kings County Senior Apartments that elders in the building were scared, isolated and without essential  information, food and PPE. The residents had been told by management to stay in their apartments.  Many of them were afraid to leave to get basic necessities, and some had lost access to their careworkers. She reported that people were dying. “The only way out of here is in a body bag,” the resident told us. 

That first Saturday, and nearly every week since, we have delivered masks, gloves, soaps, cleaners and flyers with information about resources to the residents. We also began knocking on every door in the 168 unit-building to check in on folks. 

Soon we were able to increase our support by adding  grocery deliveries to our weekly visits. We are now supporting 100 elder households with food. Every Saturday we deliver to 25 households, which allows us to reach at least 100 elders every four weeks. 

We need your help in order to continue providing this essential support --weekly visits and deliveries of PPE, cleaning products and food -- through the fall.  


the steps

Each week we use a spreadsheet to determine which 25 households are next in line to receive groceries. We have a weekly team phone call to discuss ways to improve and increase our support for the elders.  For our grocery purchasing and packing we work with Brooklyn Packers, a community-run food distribution site in Brownsville, established to respond to growing food insecurity during the pandemic.  We place weekly orders with Brooklyn Packers, which always include a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as meat, milk, bread, eggs, oil and other essentials.

Our fundraising pays for the cost of these groceries.  Every Saturday our team picks up packed grocery bags from B.P. and distributes to the senior residents. We also partner with Fou Gallery, which auctions art to benefit the purchase of PPE for the local community.  They have  provided us with most of the PPE for the seniors and their caregivers.  We have also been working with translators to ensure language access, especially important for the many Cantonese speakers in the building.

In addition, we disseminate information about available resources. We talk to the elders and work to build connection and trust. During our time there, elder leaders have come forward to share concerns for others in the building, and we now have several residents helping to coordinate the work and ensure that we are reaching as many in the building as possible. Together with elder residents,  we have helped to get much needed air conditioners for many of the apartments, through the NYC cooling program.

why we're doing it

This all began in early April a resident of Kings County Senior Center called a local mutual aid group expressing grave concern for the safety of people in her building. This resident told us that she and her neighbors did not have access to any resources to keep them safe-- basic information about COVID, cleaning supplies or PPE.  She told us that many of the residents had lost their care workers. 

A few members from the Caring Majority came together for a phone meeting to figure out how we could respond. As a first step, we decided to pay a visit to the building, which is publicly subsidized and privately managed.  When we entered the building, we noticed right away that the walls and elevators were plastered with information, in multiple languages,  about how to pay your rent, along with a few scattered flyers about the “China Virus.”  There was no information on actual resources to support the elder residents during the pandemic. 

Since then, we have made weekly visits to the building to provide support to the residents and care providers.  We distribute N95s protective masks to care providers each week, knowing that the nature of their work puts them at great risk  for COVID and that they often travel between facilities working with elders, increasing the risk of spread.  

Our hope is to reduce the death toll, break isolation and build connection and trust with the residents and care providers.  We understand that the health and wellbeing of the residents and care workers are intertwined.  We have come bearing  the message that  “you are essential to us, ” writing it  in sidewalk chalk, on posters and flyers and bringing flowers with this same message on Mother’s Day. We understand that elders and care workers were devalued long before COVID-19.  Now that neglect and lack of care has resulted in disproportionate and unnecessary deaths in these communities.  The residents and care workers at Kings County Senior Apartments are especially vulnerable because of their age, but also because they are low-income people of color, including many immigrants.   All these factors increase the likelihood of dying from COVID.

We are committed to this work because we believe that we all need each other to survive and to thrive.  We believe in the importance of care and community. And we believe that the elders and the workers who care for them are valuable and vital  to the health of our community. We want them not only to survive but to thrive.






$750/week for groceries (feeds 25 senior households each week) x 25 weeks = $18,750

$150/week for PPE (for 168 senior households and their caregivers, most of the PPE is donated) x 25 weeks = $3,750

$200/month for cleaning supplies: handsoap, bleach, dish soap, etc (for 168 senior households) x 6 months = $1,200

$1300 additional supplies to support the project such as printed materials (resources for seniors), whiteboards to help with communication, carts for delivery, and to cover any rise in the cost of groceries.


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TOTAL TO RAISE = $5,154.64


Thank you for supporting Delveries of Food and PPE at Kings County Senior Residence

Our weekly deliveries of groceries and PPE are continuing on thanks to the many generous donations made to our fundraising campaign. We are so grateful to all  of you who have supported this project by donating directly and by sharing our fundraising page with your networks.

WE ARE SO EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE WE MADE OUR INITIAL GOAL OF $5,000Thanks to the huge outpouring of support we have decided to increase our goal for this campaign to raise $7.500 by September 30th, In order to be able to sustain this project further in to the fall months. In these incredibly devastating times we have been energized in knowing that together we can sustain this support and that so many people see the importance of showing up for our elder neighbors and are committed to building broader community support. THANK YOU!






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