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the project

Kingdom Connection Church seeks to purchase and install a total of 12 tower gardens so that we may provide fresh produce to our neighbors, church members, and for community events. 

the steps

  1.  Order towers
  2. Install Towers
  3. Grow produce
  4. Distribute to the community
  5. Repeat!

why we're doing it

The neighborhood that our church is located in is a food desert. Many of our neighbors are elderly and or have health issues. We want to get to know our neighbors better and provide healthy, fresh and locally grown produce that can be distributed in the Old Brooklyn Neighborhood. Kingdom Connections Church relocated to the Old Brooklyn neighborhood in February 2019 after being located in the Buckeye neighborhood. We are new to the area and want to make sure that our impact is meaningful and intentional. Our goal is to feed the mind, body, and soul!


12 Towers @ $500 Each = $6,000

Growing LED Lights = $1,500

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $233
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $7,768


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