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the project

Iroquois Ave Farm is a market garden located on 1/5 acre on Detroit's eastside. We grow over 50 varities of vegetables and fruits throughout to season, providing our cusotmers with the freshest in-season produce. In 2018 we our focusing on improving our  farm systems to increase our efficiency and output. This current fundraising campaign is focused on buying and installing the equipment for a walk-in cooler. This will allow us flexibility in harvesting produce and allow us to preserve our fresh harvest by storing it in ideal conditions. 

The majority of our harvest is sold through City Commons CSA, which provides over 100 metro Detroit families with fresh produce for 20 weeks throughout the growing season. City Commons is cooperatively owned and operated by 6 Detroit farms who believe the direct consumer sales are the best way to foster connections with our customers and allow them to learn about the local food system. Through City Commons coopertive model we also strive to provide an examle of the benefit a collaboration among urban farmers both in Detroit and other urban environments. 

Farmer Elizabeth Phillips is an active member of the Garden Resource Program and Grown in Detroit. She got her start gardening in urban environments volunteering in Chicago helping to start community gardens. After spending a season working on an organic CSA farm in Minnesota, she set down roots in Detroit. In an effort to reduce the ecological footprint of her farm, she moves the majority of her produce around town by bike. Through support from the National Resource Cnservation Services, she was able to build an unheated Hoophouse on the farm this past fall in order to extend the growing season.

the steps

1. Purchase and install shed

2. Purchase lumber and insulation to build cooler

3. Build out walk-in cooler

4. Purchase Coolbot and airconditioner

5. Install coolbot and start cooling freshly harvested Detroit grown produce!

why we're doing it

In 2018 Iroquois Ave Farm is building infrastructure and efficiency so we can continue to grow and improve in the years to come. Through our work with City Commons CSA the walk-in cooler will provide other growers a space to store produce as well to continue to meet food safety standards and raise the quality of produce grown throughout the city. 



Disbursed Budget 7.11.18

Raised = $5,700.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $165.00
Total to Disburse = $5,500.00

Original Budget

Prefabricated Shed  - $2500

Cool Bot - $350

Air Conditioner - $400

Lumber - $850

Insulation - $1200 

Electrical Work - $200


Sub total: $5500.00

ioby platform fee $35.00

ioby payment processing fee: $165

Project Total: $5700


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