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Jamii T
511 E. Bethune
(North End)
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the project

We are creating a Literacy Hub where youth and adults have access to creative writing classes, books, publishing workshops and opportunities, and a space to light up the open mic and join in on a drum circle with a djembe! We wish to expand our current programs to more youth specifically by building out this location in Detroit’s North End. The expanded space will allow us more room to work on our 50 Banner, 50 Barrels project giving us space to store materials, create and adorn rain barrels with poetry and art. We will also be able to house writers in residence and give our advanced literary program, broadcast journalism through Operation Rebel Community Radio, a home as well.

Funds will go to the build of the space, permits and literary art that will be created for the space. We appreciate your support!

the steps

Pull permits

Pay contractors

Plan opening ceremony

why we're doing it

Literacy is an important tool to level up in society. We exist to support the schools because all learning doesn't take place in institutions. We aim to teach and make learning fun whenever kids are: at the community center, the bookstore, the garden or the park. To have a place they can say taught them their words are powerful, have meaning and worth is why we exist.



1500 - Permits

7000 - Exterior Rehab

7000 - Interior Rehab

4000 - Electrical

3524.56 – Plumbing

TOTAL RAISED = $23,411.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $351.44

Estimated Budget

1500 - Permits

1500 - Art

8k- Exterior Rehab

8k - Interior Rehab

5k - Electrical

5k - Plumbing

1k - contingency

2170 for fiduciary

ioby Platform Fee     $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)    $996
TOTAL TO RAISE =    $33,201


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