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the project

KaKairAbowt (W)holistic Sensory Garden

    KairAbowt's sensory garden will be a place for social, physical, and mental prosperity. A sensory garden contains plants, art, and other materials that are use to engage:   

  • Sound – Plants that makes noise when the wind passes through them, such as those with seedpods make interesting sounds.  End of season leaves can provide fun crunching sound under feet. Plants that encourages the buzzing of a bee, the chirping of a cricket, or the whizzing of a hummingbird, are stimulating.

  • Touch – Plants that offer interesting textures such as the baby soft feel of a lamb’s ear. the rough feel of a seedpod or pine cone, or the cool feel of water from a fountain or pond can be titillating to the senses.

  • Smell – The sense of smell is easily retained in our memory banks. Highly aromatic plants such as lavender and mints, in addition to providing medicinal benefits, provide ample opportunity for stimulation.

  • Sight – Colorful plants are visually appealing.  Plants such as those that creep, climb, trail, bush or stand upright can peak visual interest.  Incorporating plants with different bloom, leaf, bark and stem colors can be of visual interest as well.

  • Taste – Edible fruits, herbs, vegetable, and spices planted in a sensory garden allow visitors an opportunity to experience nature’s bounty while enticing their taste buds.

the steps

  • Use the garden as a working model to show residents attainable sustainable methods, such as rainwater collection, reusing materials, upcycling, etc.
  • Design winding pathways throughout the garden to partake in its sensory aspects.  
  • Cultivate herbs, vegetables, and other plantings to be used for therapeutic, culinary, and medicinal benefits.  
  • ​Hold educational workshops with local experts.
  • Provide a garden entertainment venue.

why we're doing it

KairAbowt's goal is to empower the neighborhood in a safe and relaxing environment where the community comes together to learn, observe, participate, create, and enjoy the healthy benefits of sustainable gardening. We will create a network of resources to promote the social, physical, and mental well-being for residents of the community through the wonderful world of sensory gardens. KairAbowt will collaborate with individuals, organizations, and businesses in promoting the common desire of community involvement.





$100 will help to purchase a shipping container for shelter and storage.

$50 will go towards truck rental to bring material to site.

$25 will help to purchase pea gravel.

$10 will help to purchase dirt.

$5 will help to puchase seeds and plants.


ioby Platform Fee $35

ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $139





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