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the project

The benefits of a therapy animal are limitless! I would love for the children of Lorain City Schools to reap these benefits from a furry friend they can see every day. I would like to obtain a therapy dog that lives in my home, but travels with me to school to be part of the Titian family. 

the steps

Summer 2023 - select a female golden retriever puppy with a calm demeanor from a reputable breeder and begin training

Fall/Winter 2023 & Spring 2024 - continue training at home or in classes

Summer 2024 - obtain therapy dog certification

Fall 2024 + - begin bringing the dog into the school 

why we're doing it

The school in which I serve is in a low-income, urban area. We have over 300 students from prek-5th grade, and many of them come to us with trauma and stress. We strive to create a harmonious, structured, and safe space within our walls.
Therapy dogs are well know for their ability to spread joy and tranquility to those around them. They contribute to feelings of safety, higher levels of self-esteem, social skills, anxiety reduction, etc. We hope our new friend can do all of this and more for our children.


$125 - purchase of dog

$1000 - vet bills

$1300 - therapy dog training and work insurance  (one year)

$1000 - other dog expenses (food, fence, crate, toys, leash, collar, tags, etc.)

TOTAL: $3425.00

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ioby Donation Processing Fee 4% $69.90
TOTAL TO RAISE $3,494.90
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