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the project

Naphtali Theatre Group is a Christian fine arts company founded by Jo Simmons.  She has written, produced and directed a play, "Just Talkin' 'Bout Me - A Testimony in Three Acts".  Many people are in the news and social media telling their stories of abuse, but very few are saying they've found healing from that pain.This play is the true story of Jo's journey from molestation (which started at age 8), verbal and emotional abuse, to the healing, joy and abiility to forgive, she found through God. Jo is the main character and has a cast of 9 people and a three piece band (keyboard, drums, bass).

Naphtali is raising funds to expand the number of public performances that they can offer so that more people can experience healing through this play. 

The band provides background music throughout the play and accompanies Jo on her solos.  The music is very important to the story as told by Jo and acted out by the rest of the team, who show up from time to time as her memories. Work schedules have made it a challenge to schedule more performances.These funds will get the band into a recording studio to record the music as it happens during the play.  This will enable Naphtali Theater Grou to be able to accept engagements even if the live band isn't available.  Based on feedback and comments we've received regarding the play, we believe it's important to continue to put the story forward.

Please join us to fund the music recording and production that will enable this free public play to reach more of our community. 

the steps

  • Band will schedule a date or dates (if necessary) in late July, early August, to record in the Judah Ministries Studios, McKeesport, PA  (Pastor Michael Yuricha, Owner)
  • They will record the music as it occurs in the three acts of the play
  • Pastor Yuricha and engineers will digitally master and complete the final project.
  • Recording session(s) will be documented in photos and video for donors to see
  • Naphtali Theatre Group will receive a digitally mastered CD and the recording on a thumb drive for use when live band isn't available.

why we're doing it

Jo Simmons and Naphtali Theatre Group have found that many, many people have never, ever addressed the fact that they, too, had been molested, verbally abused, made to feel inferior to others or struggled with forgiving those that have wronged them.  Jo's true story has brought hope for healing to a 14-year old who had been abused by her father all the way up to an 82-year old who had never told anyone what a relative used to do to her before she went to Sunday School each week as a child.

Naphtali wants to continue offering this play because people have left the encounter with hope, encouraged to seek more counseling and/or to tell their own stories.  Honest sharing brings change to individuals, families and, ultimately, communities.

They hope to take the play into prisons, schools, women's shelters...anywhere they can share. Jo has also been asked to publish this story as a book.


Disbursed Budget:

Brochures and Business Cards for Naphtali Theatre Group                       $250.00

Funds to purchase more period costumes from Thrift Shop                          79.80

TOTAL RAISED = $340.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $10.20

Recording, mastering and providing digital and thumb drive copies of musical accompaniment for the play, "Just Talkin' 'Bout Me:  $900 (Approx. 12 hours studio time)Original Budget:Original Budget:

Keyboardist:  $200

Percussionist: $200

Bassist: $200

Brochures and Business Cards for Naphtali Theatre Group: $250

Subtotal:  $1,750

The balance of $1,250 will be used to give a financial gift to each of the 8 volunteer cast members and stage manager, and to get some needed period costumes (60's, 80's) at a thrift shop for three performances slated for September and October in Pittsburgh, McKeesport and Hazelwood, PA.


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $165
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $99



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