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Juneteenth visit to the Ohio Statehouse June 14th

the project

The Juneteenth Fashion Show is a celebration of Arts, Culture and pure Freedom.  Designers, models and music are combined to share through Inclusion and Diversity, the blessings of learning social communications of different fashions, arts and cultures.

We are bringing Awareness and Education to our Hough Community demographic of Black African Americans from Asia, Africa, America and throughout the world globally.  We are allowing our Designers of African American Culture share their clothing brands and designs with the world by hosting a Juneteenth Fashion Show to the sounds of AfroBeats the choice of Freedom Music Globally.

We are raising funds to allow the 2023 year for the Juneteenth Fashion Show to be free of charge!  In order for us to share this experience we are raising funds.  The African American Community is in a unique position for the need to build, develop, and position our community economics sustainability.  We are leveraging the programs of local nonprofits to establish and scale providing information to improve workforce experience for local entrepreneurs.

the steps

Step 1- We have connected a series of 2 Model calls to invite a diverse group of models to represent as many cultures, to identify sharing the capability to wear new brands from 4 designers of African American companies.

Step 2-We have established 4 brand designers to match the sizes of the 25 models we will select to model for the Juneteenth Fashion Show 2023 to be hosted at the African American Museum of Cleveland

Step 3- Invite influencers and community leaders to a series of community workshops to see the new designs being promoted to engage in a scaled community development project to influence productivity in workforce development and entrepreneurship. The workshops will range from June 2023 to June 2024 on a monthly frequency.  The purpose for these workshops are to attract, develop and collaborate with more industry professionals and agencies. We are promoting our International Product Owner Certification presenting the workforce development through our Scrum Agile certification classes, a certification that authorizes model representatives to represent brands and products local and internationally.

Step 4- Celebrate the 2023 Juneteenth Fashion Show June 18th 2023 at the African American Museum of Cleveland

Step 5- Set up the systems from the local nonprofits to deliver workforce development and agency programs to administer to community leaders and citizens.  Workshops are made available through this fundraiser to offer workshops.

why we're doing it

Our nonprofit leaders and business stakeholders are given the support they needed to connect their agency product and services to the African American community.

The workshops, are delivered by professionals who have formulated work programs that have effectively connected positive results to underserved populations and communities.

The goals of establishing leadership and management skills and train stakeholders the use of technology to apply the system functions into a onboarding, workforce development flow.  Working smarter not harder.


AfricaHouse International $200k

Facility maintenance and development

Program Support

Administration development

The IDEA Alliance Foundation $500k

Workforce development program 

Community Leadership Program

Administrative development

Juneteenth 2023/ 2024 $100k

Facility Rental and staging

Sound and Lighting Techs


Talent- Designers & Models

Insurance and Security



Key Speakers and Entertainment

Diversity and inclusion advertising


Juneteenth visit to the Ohio Statehouse June 14th

Juneteenth Cosmetology conversation of Awareness


Juneteenth's origins are rooted in the history of racial injustice, where other races have exploited and extracted wealth and labor from the Black community's economic system without providing a fair return on investment. This systemic failure to create value and share prosperity is a clear example of racial inequity, where intentional misuse perpetuates the cycle of inequality and undermines the principles of justice and fairness.


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