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the project

Implement free concerts during a 3-day span - Wednesday, Thursday,  and Friday - from 6pm-9pm in the summer. The concert series would take place at what I consider to be three jewels within the Lee-Miles and Lee-Harvard neighborhoods on the southeast side of Cleveland in Ward 1.
My goal is to have the event(s) take place in the summer. We want to support local artists by being able to pay market rates for them to perform. 
Each event will be free and open to the public and include live music from local and primarily minority musicians, free arts and crafts classes, ethnic choreography, vendors, and food trucks. 
*If our FULL goal is not met, all monies raised will still go to support free concerts in the Lee-Harvard and or Mt. Pleasant Communities*

the steps

  • Meet with Ward 1 Councilman Joe Jones ----already completed. He supports the project particularly for Kerruish Park.
  • Meet with the Harvard Community Services Center Executive Director---already completed.
  • Obtain Permit to use the three parks via the City of Cleveland. 
  • Obtain bids for rental equipment: stage, tents, tables, chairs, porta potties.
  • Recruit volunteers (already have few)
  • Contract with musicians, artists, ethnic dancers, and security.
  • Market to Vendors and Food trucks
  • Complete marketing flyer and release via social media and email blast***this will be tricky step, because the project can only move forward for all 3 parks if the funds are secured. 

why we're doing it

I LOVE a free music festival! And so does many of the people in my community. There are a bunch of high-quality family-friendly events around town in the more higher profile neighborhoods around town. I want to highlight three hidden jewels as well as local talent in Cleveland. I've organized similar events through my work as a community organizer and hope to be able to present a viable, entertaining, and safe event for my neighbors. 

From attending several meetings within the City of Cleveland, one thing is crystal clear----Minority artists, primarily African-American and Latino have voiced their concerns that there is great disparity within the City of Cleveland related to racial divide per engaging/hiring minority artists and musicians.  Many artists and musicians have left the City of Cleveland seeking better opportunities.  These events create opportunities for minority artists, and it is our hope they will continue to use their talents and gifts within their hometown, Cleveland, Ohio.

Residents enjoy attending free events such as these in their own backyard.  They can walk to the events, and we have seen residents attend events such as these even during rainstorms. Vendors have the opportunity to sell their goods and services, and it is an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent within the City of Cleveland as well as provide economic opportunities for individuals under the artistic umbrella.  


Disbursed Budget 5.24.19:

Neighborhood Connections Grant
$ 2,500.00
1 Band $ 500.00
Art Classes $ 210.00
Line Dance $ 80.00
book bags & school supplies
$ 1,100.00
Stage Tent $ 250.00
Stage $ 360.00
TOTAL $ 2,500.00​
$ 323.00
Security $ 300.00 (2 armed officers X $30.00 x 5hrs
Schools supplies $ 23.00
TOTAL $ 323.00

TOTAL RAISED = $334.00
ioby Platform Fee waived
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $16.70
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $10.02

Original Budget:

After speaking with Councilman Jones he has promised $5,000 to our project. However, city funds cannot pay for certain aspects of the project such as musicians or artists. Those funds can be used for the stage, security, trash cans, dumpster, and some levels of marketing. 

The goal is to pay musicians and artists market rate: $1500 to $2500 per performance. 
Bands: $1,500 per hour 2 bands per 3 events     $9,000.00
Stage tent:  $350 per 3 days                                     $1,050.00
Stage tent: $500 per 3 days                                     $1,500.00
Security: $35 per 5 officers per 3 days                    $525.00
Art Instructors: $210 per 3 events                                      $630.00
Dajapo Ethnic Dancers: $500 for one event                     $500.00
Total                                                                             $13,205.00
Less Grants: $1,205.00
SUBTOTAL $12,000
ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $360
Total to Raise on ioby= $12,395



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