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the project

CNAB stands for Code Neighborhood Accountability Board.  The CNAB program is a Jerusalem Farm initiative to transform KCMO’s code enforcement program from a punitive to a restorative process.  In this program we work to divert homeowners living in the Northeast KCMO from the court system to accountability boards comprised of neighbors and trained neighborhood representatives.  In this process the homeowner is able to share their story about why they are unable to make the necessary repairs and neighbors are able to share their stories and reasons why it is important the homeowner is code compliant.  Through this collaborative process the group creates a plan to bring the house up to code.  The main work of this program is to unite neighbors in a compassionate process and create an environment where neighbors look out for one another.

This money will be used to create a fund for low-income homeowners who go through the CNAB process and need assistance in repairing their home.  Jerusalem Farm will provide a no-interest material loan or in some instances hire contractors to complete the work.  The homeowner is then able to make monthly payments at an amount set by them which they can afford.  This way, the fund will replenish itself over time as homeowners pay back their loans.

the steps

The CNAB process is simple:

1.  Homeowners are referred to our CNAB Coordinator either by a codes officer, or by the Cities housing prosecutor or judge.

2.  Our CNAB Coordinator reaches out to the homeowner to explain the restorative justice process and to set a date which everyone can meet

3.  Our CNAB Coordinator then fliers the block around the homeowners house.  This is to invite their neighbors to join in the conversation.  Approximately 99% of homeowners caught up in the court system have been reported by a neighbor.  This is an important step to bring these neighbors together so dialogue can be made and they can come to an understanding of one another.

4.  A meeting is comprised of our CNAB Coordinator, a representative from the Center for Conflict Resolution, 1-2 trained community members in conflict resoluton, the homeowner and any family or friends they invite, and potentially any neighbors who respond to our flier.

5.  The homeowner creates a plan to remedy the code violations.  This is a plan agreed apon by all an made by the homeowner so it is realistic and specific.  

6.  Funds will be available from Jerusalem Farm to help with materials or potential hired labor for homeowners who are in need of this assistance.

Once this process is complete, the homeowners charges are dropped by the City and they are dismissed from court with no fine.

why we're doing it

Jerusalem Farm has always addressed the home-repair needs in the Northeast, but this is a unique injust that was brought to our attention.  Through our work, we discovered that many elderly and low-income families were being cited and brought to court on regular basis due to the condition of their house.  After going to court with a number of home-owners and realizing that people were caught in a system where they did not have funds to repair their house, but then were also being fined for the condition of their homes; we had to do something to change this system.

For instance, I met an 80 year old lady named Acwaneeta who had paid close to $2,000 in five years in fines to the court because of the condition of her roof.  So, not only did she have a leaking roof causing mold in her house, she was being fined for it!  On top of this, there was a City program which could have replaced her roof for her if she was aware of it.

The CNAB process is able to discover the situation the home-owner is in and in this case even inform them of resources they may be unaware of.  So, either through newly discovered resources or through the assistance of Jerusalem Farm, homeowners will be able to fix their homes and avoid the court system and the fines that come with it.  

Our hope is that one day, the City will recognize the common-sense approach to dialogue and working together, and transition their punitive code enforcement policies towards a restorative justice process.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 10.2.17):

RAISED = $1,880.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
Payment Processing Fee (3%) $53.74

This fund will be used to pay for code remediations such as:

Dumpster Rentals ($300)

Exterior Painting (FREE, if approved by KC's Paint Program and completed by volunteer labor, up to $1,800, if paid labor is required)

Facia and Soffit Repair ($100 - $500)

Window Replacement ( $100 - $500)

Accessory Structure Demolition ($300 - $1,500)

Roof Repair/Replacement ($500 - $4000)

Extra funds will be used in our home repair program (buying materials & tools)



$20,000 =Total for CNAB Fund for FY2017 (Oct 1,2017-Sept 30, 2018)

$14,000 -Neighborhood Opportunity Grant from the Community Capital Fund (CCF)

$1,500 -Hayden Harden Foundation

$1,500   -Crowdfunding (THAT's YOU!!)

$3,000   -Match of crowdfunding monies from CCF


This fund will be used to pay for code remediations such as:

Dumpster Rentals ($300)

Exterior Painting (FREE, if approved by KC's Paint Program and completed by volunteer labor, up to $1,800, if paid labor is required)

Facia and Soffit Repair ($100 - $500)

Window Replacement ( $100 - $500)

Accessory Structure Demolition ($300 - $1,500)

Roof Repair/Replacement ($500 - $4000)



SUBTOTAL = $1,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Donation Processing Fee of 3%  $45



Thank you!

Thank you so much for helping us complete this goal!  Any additional money raised will be added to this fund and go directly into fixing up homes in the Northeast!  


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