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Blog post: Great Model for Collaboration in Jersey City!

the project


Jersey City, in partnership with Sustainable Jersey City, BikeJC and the Jersey City Art School, wants to install bike racks all around the city. 

We believe that biking is the future of urban transportation, and we want to send the message that we support bikers. To promote it in our city, we want a bike rack that is unique to Jersey City, designed by one of our residents. 

We held a bike rack design contest, we received many great submissions, and selected a winner.

We've talked to machinists about our winning design, and for the fabrication of the rack to be economical, we need to make a lot of them! If we order 275 racks, they will only cost less than $150 a piece. Be a part of this project and sponsor a bike rack! 

ALL DONORS GET A VOTE!!  Stay Tuned For Location Voting Map - we will send you a link after you donate!

If you choose not to share your email address with us, you won't get a vote!


1.  Donate $150 - good for 2 bikes - for each rack you want to sponsor.

2.  We will send you link with a map of Jersey City - you can drop pins exactly where you want racks.

3.   After we raise all the money we need, we buy the racks and then DPW will install them exactly where you requested.

Bike rack installation is subject to all traffic laws and regulations, we may not be able to install your bike rack where you dropped your pin. We will do our best to approximate. If you dropped your pin at a location which we believe might have been a mistake we will contact you via email.








the steps

Project Timeline:

  • June 8: Fundraising Campaign Launched at Bike JC Ward Tour.
  • June & July: Fundraise hard towards goal of $37,486
  • July 31: Fundraising Campaign Ends
  • August 15 - September 10: Purchase and fabrication
  • September 10 - 30: Delivery and installation

why we're doing it

We want to change the way people think about biking. We believe that bikes belong in the street, and should be a full part of urban transportation. Jersey City is dense enough and vibrant enough for this to be a reality, but we need to send a message as a community that the car is not king in Jersey City, and a beautiful, original, and unique bike rack on every street is the perfect way to do that.

For more information on how Sustainable Jersey City is working with ioby, click here.










Bring bike racks to the good people of Jersey City.


This is an estimate from fabricators as to the cost of fabricating 275 racks at less than $150 dollars as piece. All labor will be free.

SUBTOTAL = $36,000
SJC Project Support $360
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $1,091
TOTAL TO RAISE = $37,486

RAISED ON ioby =  $20,116
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $541.19
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $19,539.81



Blog post: Great Model for Collaboration in Jersey City!

$1,600 to get us to the finish line.  And while we were going to end this campaign tonite at midnite, we’re going to keep going until we hit our target !  Let’s wrap this up Folks – partner with your business neighbors to bring more of these sleek bike racks into your neighborhood.

Read more here:

The brochure!

For a link to the brochure, click here! (PDF)


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


  • Shuster Development
  • Anonymous
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Bill Gushard
  • Sergio Gonzalez
  • Patrick McCann
  • Mira
  • Weingarten Group, LLC
  • Nu Bar
  • Anonymous
  • Substainable Education for JC
  • Joel Torres
  • Brigid DSouza
  • Amy E.
  • Alicia Islas
  • Anonymous
  • Bethany W.
  • Choc O Pain, French Bakery and Cafe
  • Nu Bar
  • Ronald C.
  • Skinner's Loft
  • Michael
  • Grand Street Property Management
  • Laura L.
  • Katherine Brennan
  • Amanda S.
  • Tony Borelli
  • Damian Wieczorek
  • Anonymous
  • Jeremy J
  • Jorge Mastropietro / JMA Architects Atelier, Jersey City
  • We Build Bikes
  • Tim S
  • GothamWest Development
  • Anonymous
  • Larry Higgs
  • Hound About Town
  • bigfatted
  • Matt W.
  • Downtown Yogurt
  • WORD Bookstore & Cafe
  • Roman Nose
  • Costellokr
  • The Gotham
  • 50 Columbus
  • 340 Third Street
  • Anonymous
  • Alan Palmiter & Fabiola Bojanini
  • Anonymous
  • Andres P.
  • Bill Northgrave
  • Colleen
  • Deirdre K.
  • Anonymous
  • nynt
  • Lyndsey S.
  • Anonymous
  • Daniel Levin
  • Nathan Bullock
  • Anonymous
  • Alexis G.
  • Sean Li Wong
  • Robert Johnson & Hector Contreras
  • Paddymyke
  • Anonymous
  • Matt Walsh
  • Brian S.
  • BGT Enterprises
  • Ashwani Vasishth
  • Milk Sugar Love
  • robynvolker
  • TrevorN
  • Kris R.
  • St. Paul's Center of Caring
  • Oliver L.
  • Vincent S.
  • Michael C.
  • Gaye D.
  • Mary Kate N.
  • Rafael C.
  • Gregory R.
  • Daniel A.
  • Domenick B.
  • Domenick B.
  • Domenick B.
  • Domenick B.
  • Domenick B.
  • Andrew V.
  • Adam & Karen JC Bikers
  • Tony Borelli
  • Anonymous
  • the Jersey City Life
  • Laura and James F.
  • Anonymous
  • Jim/Toby/Molly & Gabe Dowling
  • Anonymous
  • ===Dan
  • RC from JC Heights!!!
  • Gerry Milligan
  • Susan N.
  • Maise
  • Robinson Holloway
  • Grochmal's
  • Tom Hogan
  • Bill Feeney
  • Domenick B.
  • Debra Italiano / Sustainable JC
  • In honor of Natasha Caicedo.