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the project

We are a group of Greenpoint, Brooklyn residents working collaboratively in the HPD-governed public land at 59 Java Street, which was vacant for a decade or so, to create an open green space for the community and for learning about urban gardening and sustainable ecology.  Since September 2011, we have grown to 20+ members as a registered group of the Green Thumb program of NYC Parks Department.  Our efforts were inspired by a public awareness campaign launched by the organization, 596 Acres.

Since March 2012 we have been working regularly, laying the groundwork for our overall design scheme of gardened, landscaped and small structural areas.

the steps

We will be replacing our current chain link fence with a more sturdy and attractive metal fence, which will be moved back several feet from the property line so that we can plant a garden of native wild flowers curbside and place two benches that will the public to have all-day access to this portion of the garden.  We will also be expanding our rainwater harvesting system as well as building a new storage shed with a canopy and solar panels and creating a patio.  We will also be expanding the diversity of plantings in our communal gardening area, to include a rainwater garden, cutting flower garden and a greater diversity of vegetables.  We will also be planting ornamental plants throughout the garden with an emphasis on native plants as well as those most likely to attract pollinators.

why we're doing it

We seek to serve the community and city at large by becoming not only a space for personal enjoyment but for education on various environmental levels.  With the growing popularity in urban farming and sustainable ecology, we are providing our local Greenpoint residents with an arena for participating in this exciting “green” revolution. 

The funding we are requesting will fund improvements that allow greater access to the community at large, extend the hours of the garden can be used and expand the amount of ornamental and edible plantings.  By replacing our current fence and moving it back we will be able to open a section of the garden up to the public even when the garden itself is closed.  Additionally the new fence will be aesthetically pleasing and will feature a gate that will feature a wider gate to allow us to receive truck deliveries. 

We plan to build a shed which will provide us a secure storage space for our tools and equipment where they’ll also be protected from the elements.  The shed will also include a canopy that extends to our patio area that we will provide shade and protection from rain as well as create an informal gathering space that can be used for classes, gardening activities or socializing.  The shed and canopy will also provide growing space for vining plants, adding a vertical element.  We will install a small solar panel system on the roof of the shed as well as a small battery storage system.  This will allow us to install lights so we can use the garden after dark and also provide power for electrical tools for use during work days.

Rainwater will be diverted from the shed to our expanded rainwater harvesting system.  We plan to purchase and install a 750 gallon tank which will allow us to collect water from our shed as well as a neighboring building.  This extra storage will allow us to water our plants during the summer with water that otherwise would flow to the street-level storm drains.

Additionally this funding will allow us to purchase additional seeds, bulbs, small plants and shrubs to plant throughout the garden.  We will be able to plant a greater diversity of vegetables in the communal areas and increase the mount of ornamental plantings throughout the garden, including a rainwater garden adjacent to our rainwater harvesting system.  In selecting our species of plants, an emphasis will be placed on native plants as well as those that provide food sources and habitat for pollinating insects and local and migrating birds.

The purchase of a wide selection of tools will allow us to more easily complete basic construction tasks around the garden.  These include the construction of raised beds and the assembly of the shed and canopy.



Disbursement #1: $11,236.67 (after 5% fiscal sponsorship fee and $35 platform fee) 

Disbursement #2: $2,380.95 (after 5% fiscal sponsorship fee)

Disbursement #3: $2,535.24 (after 5% fiscal sponsorship fee)

Disbursement #4: $2,633.29 (after 5% fiscal sponsorship fee)

Disbursement #5: $1,834.33 (after 5% fiscal sponsorship fee)

Total disbursed to project: $18,013.53



Phase III Budget Quantity Item Cost Total
Fence, Gate & Sidewalk garden (Approximately 40 ft  of fence along Java street front with vehicular access gate. Benches and planted area for public to enjoy when garden gates are locked.)
Fence (installed by others) 1 5000 5,000
Plants-shrubs 5 25 125
Plants-perennials 10 15 150
Plants-annuals 20 5 100
Seed packets 10 1.5 15
Top Soil-15lb bag 30 2 60
Compost-15lb bag 10 15 150
Benches 2 60 120
Shed/Rainwater collection canopy (Safe storage for garden tools, with overhang that provides shade/shelter for garden patrons while collecting rainwater into expanded rainwater system.)
Shed 1 1500 1500
Rainwater collection canopy 1 500 500
700 gallon tank 1 600 600
Tank accessories (diverters, first flush, pipe, taps) 1 350 350
Wooden platform (railroad ties) 1 250 250
Utility shelf 1 180 180
Solar Panel installation 1 750 750
Gathering Space (Paved area partially covered by rainwater canopy with seating and tables for workshops/events and general gardening.)
Bricks-500ct pallet 2 398 796
Picnic Table 1 400 400
Plants and Bulbs for Communal Gardening Area      
Seedlings 500 5 2500
Bulbs 300 0.5 150
Perennials (pollinators, native plants) 150 5 750
Shrubs (blueberries, roses, Whisteria) 15 25 375
Compost-15lb bag 50 15 750
Mulch 50 2.5 125
Propagation (seedling trays/seed starter kit) 25 5 125
Tools and Materials (To allow us to complete construction projects)  
Fasteners (screws, nails, corner braces) 1 100 100
Soil Knife 1 10 10
12' Ladder 1 270 270
Circular Saw 1 200 200
Cordless Drill 2 150 300
Hammer 1 45 45
Clamp set 1 50 50
T-square 1 20 20
Tape measure 1 10 10
Jig saw 1 100 100
Belt sander 1 60 60
Reciprocating saw 1 100 100
Tool Rental (rototiller, chop saw) 1 300 300
Shovel 2 25 50
Push Broom 1 25 25
Pitch fork 1 40 40
Landscape Fabric 1 150 150
Outdoor Lights 4 25 100
Local Transportation Rental (for supply pick-up) 10 145 1450
Fiscal Sponsorship fee 1 960.05 960.05

SUBTOTAL = $20,161
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,008
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $605
TOTAL TO RAISE = $21,809



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