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the project

Jamrock Jerk is activating an Open Streets Program to provide new ways for residents of our neighborhood to enjoy a curated public space open to all along with the cultural programming, engaging activities and community building that will accompany each activation. Money raised will be put towards general managemnt of the open streets, programming and equipment used to beautify and to activate the open streets.

the steps

Management, Staffing, and Operations Plan 
The open streets program will be staffed by a Site Manager and a Support Crew member both of
whom will be available at all times throughout each activation.  Set up and break down activities will
be executed by the Site Manager & additional Support Crew members who will be re-allocated as
needed from JAMROCK JERK LLC’s main operations at their location on 13920 109th Ave.
Jamaica NY, 11435. 

Barricade Management & Monitoring
Barricades will be managed and monitored by both the Site Manager and Support Crew Members all of
whom will be readily available to move barricades in the event of an emergency. The site manager will be
primarily responsible for the 109th Avenue side of the street which is the busiest and the Support Crew
Member will be responsible for the Lakewood Avenue side of the street. Additionally, JAMROCK JERK
LLC’s operates a separate and legally permitted outdoor mobile food vending unit each weekend at their
13920 109th Ave location approximately 30 feet from the Open Streets location on 141st Street and crew
members scheduled to operate at that location will also be tasked with management and monitoring of the

Cleaning & Trash Disposal Procedures 
Cleaning and trash disposal will be carried out by the Site Manager & Support Crew Members, before, during
and after each Open Street activation. Cleaning will consist of routine sanitization of all surfaces on fixtures
and equipment utilized in the Open Streets setup. JAMROCK JERK LLC will also utilize their existing
commercial carting services for trash disposal which is carried out daily overnight between the hours of 11:00
PM & 5:00 AM. 

Site Clearing & Roadway Re-opening
Roadways will be cleared and opened at the end of each activation by the Site Manager & Support Crew
Member(s). Breakdown will be executed in two phases, one at 7:00 PM in the evenings that will include the
removal of all games and programming equipment. The second will begin at the end of the activation at 10:00
PM which will include the removal of all other equipment utilized during the activation. Equipment will then
be transferred to storage at JAMROCK JERK LLC’s commercial facilities adjacent to the Open Street
activation on 141st Street. Once the roadway is cleared, barricades will be removed, and the roadway opened
up fully to vehicular traffic.

Site Plan Compliance
The site plan will have designated areas for programming and all associated activities that program providers
and businesses will be required to adhere to. JAMROCK JERK LLC’s goal with the site is to minimize unutilized
space within the layout which will naturally promote site plan adherence as alternative options will not be available to
programming providers and businesses for un-planned or un-approved activations within the site plan. Additionally,                                                    emphasis will be placed on proper planning andcoordinationwith programming providers and businesses in advance                                                              to ensure compliance. Site Managers and Crew Members will carry out routine inspections of the entire site to also ensure

Outreach Plan 
Notifications to Businesses, Residents, and other Relevant Stakeholders 
JAMROCK JERK LLC will utilize both conventional marketing specifically door to door advertisements and
print media within the immediate surroundings of the neighborhood along with digital outreach including
email and social media strategies to notify businesses, residents, and other relevant stakeholders about
proposed Open Streets, including information about its operation and any planned programming.
Notifications will be made prior to beginning of the Open Streets season and subsequently on a weekly basis
in conjunction with continuous digital outreach that will run for the entire duration of the Open Streets

why we're doing it

We believe that the Open Streets Program will promote economic development and provide new ways for residents of our neighborhood to enjoy a curated public space open to all along with the cultural programming, engaging activities and community building that will accompany each activation. It would also be a step in the right direction to approve the activation of an experience like this in a neighborhood like ours that statistically is rather underrepresented in comparison to others as it relates to similar public space initiatives like these.


TOTAL COST-$31,479 ($1259.16  X 25 wks)


Management and Staff Fees- $680

Amenities and Programming-$200

Maintenance and Operational Materials-$379.16



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