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34th Ave and 78th Street
Queens (Jackson Heights)
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the project

For the last 4 years, the Green Alliance has helped operate a summer Play Street to close 78th Street to traffic in the summer months. In 2012 we were selected as the first ever all-volunteer neighborhood group to be granted approval to operate a permanent Public Plaza by the NYC Dept. of Transportation. The Public Plaza will allow us to keep 78th Street closed to traffic year-round, providing space for recreation, concerts, the Greenmarket and other activities.

However, this great opportunity comes with great responsibility, including cleaning, snow removal, and all other forms of maintenance of the street when it is closed to traffic. Additionally, as in previous years we want to provide Queens residents with opportunities for enjoyable and educational outdoor activity. We are an all-volunteer group of neighborhood residents and we rely on your support to help make the Play Street a reality and to supply the amenities you enjoy.

the steps

This year we are raising money to support two key aspects of the Play Street.

First, we want to expand seating, shade and play equipment. Tables, chairs, umbrellas, playhouses, sporting goods and other supplies are very popular and take a beating over the course of the year.  We need to replace some of the older equipment, as well as purchase new items. These amenities are critical in making the Play Street a useful and desirable place for residents of all ages. Second, we want to host more concerts, classes and exhibitions. These kinds of events and special programming have proven to be very popular, but they require sound equipment, stage rental, art supplies, and other resources that cost require cash outlays. We hope to sponsor at least 15 events during the summer months, in addition to the additional events hosted by our partner organizations.

why we're doing it

Jackson Heights is a very dense urban neighborhood with a large immigrant population, low to moderate median income, and very little public open space.

The 78th Street Play Street provides a safe place for the diverse population of Jackson Heights to interact and to play sports, learn to ride bikes, and generally be active and social. With increasing obesity and diabetes rates among urban residents, space for physical activity is extremely important. The Play Street also reduces the amount of air pollution in the adjacent Travers Park. And it provides a place for community activities such as "learn to bike" clinics, the Greenmarket, composting workshops and other activities that are rare in such a dense neighborhood with so little public open space.  


Picnic table umbrellas and bases from Home Depot ($150 X 6) $900

Misc sporting goods from Modells $300

PA rental for 4 concerts ($250 x 4) $1000

Supplies for 6 art workshops ($150 x 6) $900

Fee for Learn to Bike Workshop $500

Supplies and fees for 4 sports workshops ($150 X 4) $600

Misc cleaning supplies from Home Depot $200

Rental of onsite storage locker for sports equipment, furniture, etc. ($200 x 3mo.) $600

project total = $5,000
Third Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) = $150
ioby Materials and Labor = $35
Grand Total = $5185

RAISED = $2,526
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $73



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