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the project

With IVY IN MOTION, I continue to explore themes of perception and change; specifically the symbiotic relationship between culture and style,  how one affects the other, and vice versa. I was initially inspired by a podcast (ARTICLES OF INTEREST) that chronicles the history of various fashion movements; AMERICAN IVY was a seven part series on that podcast that spoke not only of the history of Ivy fashion, but also of it’s relationship and evolution within various cultures. A section which I found particularly interesting was the discussion of Ivy fashion being adopted by Black Jazz musicians and subsequently, by members of the Civil Rights Movement to present a collected image of respectability and subvert the White Supremacist narrative that Black people were “less than” or second class citizens. Using dance to highlight the details and movement of the garments signature to Ivy Style, and combining first hand accounts and decade appropriate music, my goal is to take the viewer on a sartorial journey that addresses the evolution of Ivy style through the lens of race and class.


the steps

I've been researching and documenting various style highlights from different decades and specific dance trends from those decades. In December and January, I gathered a small team of dancers to create some movement vocabulary and phrases that would later evolve into larger choreographic pieces. I was also able to record these phrases from a few different angles to provide ideas for filming. Most recently, I took a quick research trip to dig a little more into the history of black cinema, Black people in film, and to get reference points for different film styles and genres. 

My next set of action steps are as follows:

 1) secure locations for filming. I'm scouting a few and looking at potential dates to see what's available.

2) secure and confirm "talking heads" for documentary portion. If those subjects are local, I will schedule set up a time and location to interview; if they're not local, I will provide instructions for completing the interview virtually.

3) Audition for dancers. I have a few dancers already attached but I'm looking to work with 20-25 dancers total. In order to start rehearsals in June and film in late June/early July, I would like to have auditions towards the end of May. 

4) Choreo and rehearsal sessions. I would like to keep to a strict schedule and have 2 weeks of rehearsal followed by 2-3 weeks of filming

5) post production and editing

why we're doing it

The more I discuss and develop this idea - be it with family or friends - the more I discover the importance in bringing this idea to life. Learning about fashion history directly from my aunt who worked as a seamstress, or having one of my dancers explain how her grandmother had to carry around a work permit in Jim Crow Miami has been eye opening and invaluable. This project examines an element that was adapted for survival (Ivy style in the pursuit of "respectability") and how over time, pieces of it became transformed into something that is uniquely Black.The amount of community support has also been breathtaking; everyone I've had the chance to speak with about this has been excited and supportive of the work to come out of it. I even had the opportunity to connect and talk to the host of the podcast that initially inspired the idea! In bringing this to life, I want to be committed to paying artists for their contributions. I've made a conscious decision and effort to involve artists of color in all of the leadership and designer roles associated with this film (ex, director, sound engineer, stylist), along with actively recruiting black dancers and other dancers of color. It is common knowledge that artists of color are severely underpaid compared to their white peers. and while this project alone won't fix it I do want to do what I can to make sure that black artists and creators are paid their worth in artistic and creative spaces.


$10,000 total:

$5,000 -

$1500 for space/location and rental. This includes studio space for rehearsal; on average most studios charge between $30-$80/hour for studio rental

$3500 for costuming and wardrobe for 20-25 dancers. Costume pieces that are more recent can be pulled from dancers’ closets and rented at industry cost. More period specific items will need to be rented or purchased (in some cases made). This can also be used for any alterations needed.


$4,900 - 


$1225 for director of photography

$1225 for sound/audio engineer

$1225 for stylist

$1225 for performers (due to the number of performers, this number is not expected to total full compensation)


$100 -

Festival application fees


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