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Fred K
Sunrise Highway, Francis Lewis Blvd and 246 street
Queens (Rosedale)
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the project

Our project is to clean and beautify both sites by planting flowers, trimming bushes, mowing the grass, removing trash and debris and painting benches and the flagpole base. More flowers and shrubs will help beautify the area, provide toxic screens and give our volunteers more exercise while working outdoors. A cleaner area will also promote a cleaner neighborhood and hopefully teach people not to litter or pollute. This area is on Sunrise Highway in Rosedale, Queens and is an oasis for people to come and sit, relax and reflect. Our project makes these tow sites more hospitable for people and pays tribute to all those that have served. We have a group comprised of both youth and adult volunteers that work to maintain this site all year long.

the steps

Volunteers will plan the project from start to finish. They will determine the most hardy plants that will do well based on the soil quality, what fertilizer to use (organic only) and how to place the plants so they will thrive. Volunteers will shop and pick up all material and deliver to project site. They will do all the planting, painting and cleaning up and make the areas oasis' along Sunrise Highway in Rosedale in South Eastern Queens.

why we're doing it

We are going to be cleaning up and planting at our local green street and veterans monuments-Veterans Square and the Vietnam Monument and Memorial Park. The project will include neighborhood youth and adults who will work side by side learning from each other. All will learn environmental stewardship, how to properly plant bulbs, flowers and shrubs and basic tree pruning. ( we have many NYC Certified Tree Pruners in our group) The project will spruce up the area on the Saturday, May 16, 2009 project date and will instill community pride.


8 flats of plants @$10.00 each--total $80.00 Large garbage bags $15.00 (1 box) gloves $10.00 (for 20 pairs at 99 cents store) fertilizer 2 bags @$10 per bag $20.00 $5.00 for misc supplies We have plenty of hand tools already and our pruners bring their own tools.


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