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Hester Street and Pike Street
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the project

It's My Park! Day at the Allen & Pike Street Malls will emphasize the care and stewardship of this open space as an essential step in its improvement. Greening, trash collection, improved access, and increased safety are all essential steps in making this neglected public space into a viable community greenspace, and the active involvement and care of the community can help strengthen those efforts. It's My Park! Day on the Allen & Pike Street Malls will bring together the youth and residents of the Lower East Side and Chinatown communities in a day of park stewardship, art creation, fall festivities, and awareness about the value of their park.

the steps

During this one-day event on Saturday, October 24th on the Allen & Pike Street Pedestrian Malls on the Lower East Side, HSC will engage approximately 100 local youth and community members in park stewardship activities like bulb planting, park cleanup, creating a “wishing tree” of local residents' wishes for the newly renovated park, and youth-designed temporary public art installations. Local press, community leaders, and other organizations will also be invited to participate and increase awareness of these important community greenspace improvement efforts.

why we're doing it

It's My Park! Day at the Allen & Pike Street Malls will address the often overshadowed importance of NYC public parks as an environmental and open space resource for the city. Specifically, we will highlight the need for local residents to care for and maintain the precious trees and open space of the malls through ongoing ownership, stewardship, and involvement in the malls. The lack of open, green spaces in overcrowded Chinatown and the Lower East Side makes the renovation and greening of the malls extremely important. Local community safety and the health of this key greenspace can be ensured and maintained throughout the Mall's renovation with proper community stewardship and care.


Refreshments for participating youth and community members: $125 *As other materials such as art supplies, bulbs, and gardening tools are being donated for the It's My Park Day event, refreshment costs are the only remaining expense for our project, and are essential for keeping our participants hydrated, motivated, and excited about improving their park! ioby fees: $18.75 Total Budget: $144


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