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Thank you! Trike purchased to haul compost!

the project

Education on Governors Island offers the unique opportunity to model sustainability in the heart of an urban center. With limited space for waste and limited soil resources, compost becomes more of a necessity than a hobby. New York City is out of landfill space. All waste in NYC is trucked and barged outside of the city to landfills as far away as Virginia and Pennsylvania at tremendous cost to the taxpayers and the environment. As a school on a car free island we are afforded the opportunity to model sustainability through waste reduction, while increasing soil fertility for the production of organic food.

the steps

Students will be trained in waste reduction and soil science in advisory and ecology classes. Up to 5 students will be hired through an application process to maintain the program through compost bin maintenance and education. Students will meet with kitchen staff to discuss separation and kitchen waste protocols. Students will design a system to separate organic waste appropriate for compost. All 425 students and 40 staff members will participate through waste separation in the cafeteria and lounge spaces. Students will mix waste with brown materials to produce compost in our two in-vessel Earth Tub systems. The brown materials will be collected from local resources on the island. The students will use finished material in our community garden. The students will participate in education and outreach through signage, presentations and workshops.

why we're doing it

We will compost our cafeteria waste and use the organic material to create fertile soil for food production in our garden. Students will have opportunities to share their experiences and skills through teacher workshops and peer education, gaining valuable technical skills and leadership opportunities and magnifying their environmental message through outreach.


Worksman Mover Industrial Tricycle, M2620 3cb - str. to transport browns/soil/waste from the Hub Station/Worksman Cycles: $1,139.00 Total: $1139 ioby fee = $91


Thank you! Trike purchased to haul compost!

Compost Trike has arrived!

Check out the crew and their new Worksman cycle tricycle!


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