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Still going strong!

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The Vollintine Evergreen Community Association (VECA) launched its Youth Initiative’s afterschool program in 2013, and is the very definition of “in our back yard.”  We provide a positive, safe, and fun space for neighborhood children to complete their homework as well as opportunities for social, civic, and cultural engagement. This youth-driven program encourages young residents’ investment in their neighborhood while helping them achieve their academic and personal goals.

We would like to purchase 15 iPads as learning tools. Currently, our lack of access to technology and the internet inhibits us in helping the kids with their schoolwork and organizing learning that engages the modern young mind. From the mundane moments when a volunteer needs to remind herself what it means to decompose a number to help with math to the more interesting opportunities a school project on the climate in Antarctica introduces, these iPads will prove immeasurably helpful to our youth—many of whom don’t have access to the internet and computers at home. 

VECA formed in 1971 to improve community relations in the racially, economically, and ethnically diverse neighborhood. The Youth Initiative is made up of resident volunteers, youth, and members of the VECA board. Associate Professor of Mathematics Angiline Powell (University of Memphis), Adjunct Professor of History Sara First (University of Mississippi) and Associate Professor of Psychology and Urban Studies Elizabeth Thomas (Rhodes College) provide academic support for the program. Dr. Powell specializes in increasing opportunity for disadvantaged children and utilizing technology as a tool in mathematics education. 

the steps

• Purchase and set up iPads with appropriate apps and security

• Employ iPads in the learning environment under the supervision of Dr. Powell and our volunteer organizers and administrators

why we're doing it

As a truly grassroots endeavor, we depend upon volunteers for their time and donations. Thus far, VECA residents have amazed the kids with their generous donations of time, art supplies, and space for the program. These iPads will not only help the kids with their work, but your donations will tell them just how much our community values them and shares their hopes for a bright future.

Every person who donates will receive a thank you note from our students, and every person who gives $50 or more will receive a special Memphis surprise from our dedicated volunteer organizers.

Thank you for visiting our page and please donate!


4 iPad 2s with Wifi: $1600

4 Security Cases with locks: $140

SUBTOTAL = $1,740
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $52

RAISED = $1,495.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $42.52

Revised Budget, 12/5/2014

3 iPad 2s with Wifi: $1300

3 Security cases with locks: $117.48


Still going strong!

Schools are on summer break but the VECA Youth Initiative is still going strong!

VECA Youth are out and about all over the neighborhood this spring -- collaborating with a local artist to decorate the fences at our community garden, participating in neighborhood clean ups and our recent Artwalk, and simply enjoying the summer days on their bicycles and scooters. The Youth Initiative will celebrate its one year anniversary this month, and with the help of several grants, we are running a math and art collaboration project in July. We would love to reach our fundraising goal for our iPads by then!

A long way in a short time!

The VECA Youth Initiative has raised enough for our first iPad! We’re so grateful to our donors, and excited to build on this initial success.

The kids, especially, can’t wait to put our new technology to use. More importantly, they’re amazed at the generosity of the folks in their neighborhood and even strangers from afar.

We have more news. We’ve moved to a bigger location in the basement of Living Hope Church. Our new space has a stage for impromptu as well as eventually organized neighborhood youth productions, a kitchen for preparation of healthy fresh foods, and plenty of secure storage space.

We’ve come a long way in such a short time. But we still have so much more to do. Please join in our success with your continued donations. 



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