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the project

Join ioby for four days of Tactical Community Building Experimentation and Innovation. Tacticians from far and local alike will turn their constructive eyes to Salt Lake's downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods. Bolstered by the CNU Tactical Urbanism 202, other myriad TU related programming  and the interest in the City of Salt Lake in cultivating, enabling and supporting citizen led neighborhood improvement, the City's Fair will act as a living lab for ideas to bring the city to life.

Starting the moment they arrive in the city, potential tacticians will be idly analyzing the city for how it can better support thriving culture. The City's Fair Urban Innovation Lab provides the opportunity to capture those idle analysees and turn them into interventions that build on existing strengths, address challenges and highlight opportunity. 

Anyone can participate, but we suggest that each individual tactician contribute $25 or more and each team of tacticians (up to 6) contribute $50 or more.  All donors will be recognized and thanked in the communications materials produced from the experience.

the steps

ioby will accept donations leading up to and during the entirety of CNU21, accept entires of tactical teams, stock and organize the fair site and document the interventions.

why we're doing it

Salt Lake City's downtown core and surrounding neighborhoods are recovering and rebuilding after a generation of dis-investment, but are often still lacking the fine grained details that bring places to life. Tactical Urbanism spans a wide spectrum from the completely unsanctioned and guerilla to the fully condoned and even municipal led. The sweet spot, however, is when the work is citizen led - but municipal policies and procedures often are not accessible or navigable to the average citizen. The City's fair will act to spark conversation on fostering citizen led change and improvement in the city.


$650 will cover an initial stock of materials and light refreshments for the closing shindig.

Anything above and beyond will go to pertinent materials for additional efforts, and to a small award for the top three most popular interventions as determined by informal poll over the course of the fair.


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