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Sashti B
One 12TH Street
(Gowanus [Brooklyn]; Flushing [Queens]; Hell's Kitchen [Manhattan] initially )
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the project

WeRadiate exists as a collective of socially and environmentally conscious individuals with an aim to improve soil health. This funding allows our team to prototype smart-sensor compost technology that can assist with climate impact mitigation, support regenerative agriculture and improve food quality by enhancing soil health. Digital data can make the process more efficient and improve standards. We will be working with small businesses to support regional manufacturing in the creation of handheld compost tech, and hope to democratize technology to increase access. Implementation will provide a public benefit with residents across NYC through environmental educational workshops, open access to Community Data Compost Map and compost-focused bike tour.

the steps

Initial steps will allow the compost community to understand impact. Our hope is to improve compost standards, operations and performance to use material in a more quick, effective and educational manner:

  • Hardware configuration of handheld compost sensor technology
  • Partnership with New York State Manufacturers and Metal Fabrication
  • Software development and data visuals for important compost metrics
  • On-site field testing at collaborative compost sites for quality assurance
  • Increase access for compost knowledge through education and community workshops

Inviting you to join our movement and be part of the generation looking out for our future!

why we're doing it

WHY compost?

Waste Reduction: We can create healthy natural fertilizer for our gardens and farms by processing food scraps locally instead of going to landfill

Healthy Lives: We can have cleaner air by composting locally due to a reduction of waste-vehicle traffic from releasing harmful emissions

Your Wallet: NYC spends $450 million dollars to move trash each year. Imagine if we reallocate this amount into green jobs & local employment


This process of innovation supports both local and global movements for ecological restoration. Let's Radiate Together!


Community Data Compost Map, upgrade to enhance visualizations and impact = $3500.

Local Manufacturing, design, build and prototype smart-sensor compost probes = $7500.

App Development, to code and create mobile application for digital data = $5750.

Education and Learning workshops = $750.

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $953
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $572
TOTAL TO RAISE = $19,060




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