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Inside Out Hartford Premiere Sept 21st

the project

We want to create an Inside Out Project in Northeast Hartford, a Connecticut neighborhood that faces blight and unemployment and lacks access to primary healthcare resources and healthy food. We are working with local partners and community members to beautify the neighborhood, which will help address our goal of making the neighborhood safer, healthier and more prosperous. 

We plan to create an Inside Out Project featuring life sized photos of residents on the fence of our property there, which surrounds a building that we are in the process of transforming into a community hub. We have already taken the photos, we just need to raise enough funds to print 30 four foot by four foot black and white photos. We will then have a day where the community will help us tether their smiling pictures to the fence to help beautify a public space. 

We hope that this project beautifies a public space near a busy road in the neighborhood, but we also want it to be something that the community can be proud of and take ownership of. We want to create a space and a project that makes people want to know one another, be outside together and discuss ways in which they can make their neighborhood thrive.

the steps

We have already taken professional photos of residents at a recent spring parade that we held with our partners in the community. Now, we have to raise $2,500 to cover printing these photos on weatherproof material. Once we do that, we will plan a day when the community can help us tether these photos to the fence around the property that we are revitalizing. We are hoping to complete this project and have the photos hung by July at the latest so we can feature the photos while the weather is still nice. 

Success will not only be measured in completion of the project, but also by residents' drive following the project. We want them to be eager to take on more projects like this that they can play a significant role in and have something beautiful to show for their hard work.

why we're doing it

We would like to create a project that brings the community together in various ways. We are aiming to draw them outside to activate the sidewalks in their neighborhoods and we also want them to meet one another. Stronger neighborhoods are generally woven by the people who make up the fabric of the community connecting with one another. We want to create a space in Northeast Hartford for that to happen. 

A community project like this one can spur the desire to keep improving ones neighborhood and play an active role in one's community, which is part of what will help push Northeast Hartford toward becoming a healthier, safer and more prosperous neighborhood.



RAISED = 800.00
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) 23.30


Printing Costs: $2,500 as estimated by Crunch Graphix in northern Connecticut. That cost covers printing 30 four foot by four foot black and white photos on weatherproof material, similar to the material that campaign signs are made out of. The material will have gromets at the four corners so we can easily ziptie the photos to a chain link fence.


SUBTOTAL = $2,500
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $75



Inside Out Hartford Premiere Sept 21st

We have secured all of the funds to print 30 black and white photos of Northeast Hartford residents and visitors to the Northeast neighborhood, and we are in the process of selecting the final photographs. The photos will create an approximately 100-foot mural, which will be hung on a fence at 60 Love Lane in Hartford, CT. The fence wraps around the Swift Factory, which we are currently working to transform into a community hub. 

Before it is hung there, it will premier at Hartford's Envisionfest on September 21st, where it will hang on the Traveler's fence on Main Street for the duration of the day. 

We are thrilled that this project is coming to fruition and immensely grateful to the donors who helped make it possible!


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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