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the project

We are providing psychotherapy, professional mentorship and artist development for NYC’s underprivileged youth (ages 14-24). We are fundraising to offer our program pilot to 40 youth, free of charge! You may wonder “why not use health insurance if this is a therapy program?”. Our targeted demographic primarily has Medicaid insurance. Medicaid isn't recognized by most private psychotherapists. Medicaid therapists have a massive waiting lists, lasting a multitude of years. Youth have gone years without getting proper treatment. That lack of mental health support leads to behavioral issues. The community pays the price. The nation underperforms.

Let’s BE the change!

the steps

1. Hire/train talent

2. Rent space

3. Purchase equipment/supplies

4. Contact interested artists/parents

5. Have them complete our forms

6. Launch!

7. Orientation

why we're doing it

The youth in NYC are suffering at great lengths. Childhood trauma, relationship trauma, classroom trauma, racism trauma, severe anxiety/depression, suicidal/homicidal thoughts/attempts, alcohol/substance abuse (to name a few) are quite prevalent these days! Though therapy is becoming less stigmatized, there's a large population of youth who aren't interested in voluntarily signing up for treatment. Instead, our research says many of them look to the arts as a therapeutic means of escapism and self expression! Many of those who want therapy, haven't had easy access to it either. We decided to create an organization that gives them what they want (artistic development/resources), while giving them what they need (healing and therapy).

Think human development meets artist development!


- Licensed Psychotherapist (Case management, weekly therapy, program coordination): $12,000

- Certified Peer Support (Advocacy, W.R.A.P. (wellness recovery action plans), offers support in navigating issues with trauma, mental health, and substance abuse: $8,000

- Creative Coaches (prof. writers, artists, performers, teachers): $6,000

- Auditorium rental: $2,400

- Laptop Computers: (8) $3,200

- Art Supplies: $1,000

- Administrative Asst: $1,000

- Recording equipment: $850

- Performance equipment: $850

- 501c3 fees: $825

- Program Workbooks: $800

- T-shirts: $600

- Camera: $500

- Printer/Paper/Ink: $500

- Site/social maintenance: $200

Admin/Miscellaneous fees:  $175

- Liability Insurance: $150

- Zoom subscription: $72

ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $2,126
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

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