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IMPACT Youth preparing their next Town Hall

the project

The IMPACT Town Hall Project is an ongoing multi-platform series of actions to give agency to Harlem Youth to organize and participate in discussions on crucial issues to them and their community. The second edition of the IMPACT Youth Town Hall Project will be a multi-generational community Performance Art Event that will give a safe space for a community discussion in Harlem on Black and Asian unity. Harlem youth will bring to their community historical precedents, such as the rainbow coalition and the friendship between civil-rights leaders Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama. The current inspiration is the Black Lives Matter statement "When we call for the eradication of white supremacy, we are saying that Asian Americans, and every other marginalized racial group, deserves to be freed from the violence, intimidation, and fear. None of us are free until we all are". IMPACT youth will research, organize, invite guest speakers and lead a dialogue on this subject. The event will culminate in an audience participatory performance Chorepoem to engaging the community in creating art. Through call and response, improvisation, and creating a safe space to add to the collaborative conversation. 

the steps

IMPACT youth will work with leaders and staff to plan the Town Hall event, targeting discussion topics and the final artistic output.

They will reach out to guest speakers, create materials, and receive training in questioning, discussion techniques, performance techniques, and how to lead an audience in a participatory art event.

With the help of staff and consultants, they will learn to set up audiovisual materials and receive tech support for virtual and onsite sessions.

The youth will reach out to community members and invite them to discuss and instruct in performance techniques.

Throughout the process, IMPACT youth will use the Town Hall topic to devise and rehearse new materials into the IMPACT Repertoire on this subject which will be performed at additional community events.

why we're doing it

IMPACT youth know what it is to experience anti-Black bias and violence and now witness the recent anti-AAPI violence. The project comes out of a desire to show solidarity and support for the AAPI community. Taking inspiration from the Black Lives Matter statement denouncing recent anti-AAPI attacks and the historical precedent of Black and Asian Activism  – IMPACT youth use this platform to learn from current events and make compelling art. It will be a part of the Harlem community's healing process, which experienced a disproportionate impact from the COVID pandemic based on their race, socioeconomic status, and location in Harlem. In addition to coping with the COVID, our young people struggle with the death of young Black Americans and witness the global, national, and local attention on equality and racial justice. The ongoing IMPACT Town Hall Project is a multi-platform series of actions to give agency to Harlem Youth to organize and participate in discussions on crucial issues to them and their community.


Stipends for youths during prep & rehearsals $2800

Meals for youth during prep & rehersals $1200

Staff Salaries prep & rehearsals $2000

Video Recording & Editing for Rehearsals and Event $2000

Tech & Support Equipment $2000


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IMPACT Youth preparing their next Town Hall

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IMPACT youth, staff and leaders are researching and reherasing for the next IMPACT Youth Town Hall on 



IMPACT youth are preparing their next Town Hall in response to Anti-Asian American Pacific Islander violence

The IMPACT Town Hall Project is an ongoing series of actions giving agency to Harlem Youth to organize discussions

on issues crucial to their lives and community. Inspired by the work of Malcolm X and Yuri Kochiyama

This multi-generational community performance-art event will provide a safe space for discussion in Harlem on Black and Asian Unity.


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