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the project

The Memphis Memorial Committee- in partnership with the Neshoba Community Resource Center- invites you to join us in our erect a bronze, life-size statue in honor of Ida B. Wells.  The statue will be the centerpiece of the Ida B. Wells Plaza at the intersection of Beale and 4th Streets, and an important stopping point and the Memphis Heritage Trail. The plaza will include seating, landscaping, and plaques that acknowledge the supporters of this tribute to Ida B. Wells. 




the steps

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why we're doing it

Ida B. Wells is nationally recognized as an anti-lynching advocate, a champion of civil rights and women's suffrage.  But when she lived in Memphis, she was still just a black woman and she was "run out of town for stirring Negros up."  Her life was threatened and her office on Beale Street was destroyed because she reported on the brutal lynching of three Memphis men in 1892.  Ida B. Wells risked her life to oppose oppression,m racism, in America.  She deserves to be honored for her heroic stand on injustice that inspired change and challenged American societal ailments.

This project will include:

  1. Programming for youth in collaboration with Shelby County Schools
  2. General audience programming
  3. Showing of films about the life and impact of Ida B Wells
  4. Conversation with author of a book about Ida B Wells
  5. Video excerpts of play by Memphis resident Dr. Rychetta Watkins on the life of Ida B Wells video followed by a panel discussio
  6. Community outreach and programming to increase awareness about Wells, her work, and her legacy in Memphis leading up to the dedication of the monument and stretching until the first anniversary.
  7. Supplementary materials for K-12 to build knowledge about Wells and encourage civic engagement and involvement.
  8. Learning Guides and materials for K-12 and post-secondary educators to encourage engagement with the monument, plaza, and interpretive center in Holly Springs, MS.


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