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the project

Heflin Main Street seeks to create a community gathering space aimed at bringing friends, families, residents and visitors together for entertainment and community fellowship.  The I Heart Heflin Music Park Mural will create an interactive area in this new gathering space in the central Main Street area known as I Heart Heflin Music Park. 

The creation of the mural wall will be a focal point of the music park and a reminder of the musical and artisan roots of our community’s heritage.  The mural will be constructed on a retaining wall of the park that will face the main parking area welcoming visitors to the venue.  The silhouette of a band will be the subject of the wall and allow people to have their photo made in front of it as a “stand in” with the group.  

Heflin Main Street volunteers and staff will work alongside city employees and residents in a collaborative effort to bring the project to fruition.  Through design and labor, many people, mostly volunteers, will be involved in bringing this artistic expression to life.  With the completion of the mural wall and the music park in this centrally located venue, Heflin Main Street hopes to reinvigorate frequent gatherings in the downtown area which will further entice residents and visitors to spend more time socializing, shopping and eating in the Main Street district.

the steps

1. Work with local contractor and engineer to draft plans for the contruction of the wall. Also at the same time work with graphic designer on the mural.

2. Contract with local contractor. 

3. 7/1/17 Begin date.  Complete Fundraising.

4. Install Footing and tie rebar (2 days)

6. Set and Pour Wall (3 days)

7. Stripe and Clean Wall (2 days)

8. Install drainage system (1 day)

9. Backfill (2 days)

10.  Landscape

11. Finalize Design of mural.

12. Contract with artist.

13. 8/1/17 Community Unveiling

14.  Plan for further Completion of I Heart Music Park Amphitheater

why we're doing it

While the environmental challenge is the less obvious of the two for this project, it is by no means less important.  The park and mural wall will help maintain a green space that adds to the visual appeal but more importantly, the trees, plants and grass will cool the area and add a relaxing ambience to the asphalt streets and mortar and brick buildings.  The decision to create this music park and incorporate the mural wall addresses a need for a highly visible, centrally located gathering area for the Main Street district with some creative, colorfully inspired art to draw people’s attention.  The mural wall will add a unique aspect to the park and give some interest to the back-street side of the venue.  Adding an artistic component to the park will also expose residents to the positive affect art can play in the appearance and appeal of a community.  With this piece being a cornerstone of sorts for art in the Main Street district, the wall will hopefully inspire other forms of artwork for downtown Heflin.



Disbursed Budget

Raised = $9,050.00
less ioby Platform Fee $35.00
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $262.57
Total to disburse = $8,752.43

$ 3960 labor (excavation of site and construction of the wall)

$ 4442.43 Material (concrete, rebar, form, footer, paint, paint brushers and rollers all purchased locally at Webb Concrete)

$ 350 Graphic Design/Artist

Original Budget
$ 3960 labor (excavation of site and construction of the wall)
$ 3960 Material (concrete, rebar, form, footer, paint, paint brushers and rollers all purchased locally at Webb Concrete)
$ 80 Graphic Design
$8,000 = Subtotal
$35 ioby Platform fee
$240 ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
$8,275 = Total to raise


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  • Suzanne Payne
  • Suzanne Payne
  • Beverly C.
  • Shane Smith
  • Danny and Rhonda Lines
  • In Memory of Jordan Perry
  • Suzanne and Rudy Payne
  • Greg and Glory Crews
  • Clayton Mobley
  • Joann S. Skinner
  • Bill and Linda Ayers
  • Darrell and Bonnie Turner
  • Wendell and Donna Wood
  • General and Mrs. Robin Scott
  • April T.
  • Pete and Anne Wright
  • Don and Mandy Davis
  • Zackary Jones, DMD
  • Anonymous
  • T.J. and Tanya Maloney
  • Emmett Owen and Chella Baker
  • Steven and Ashley Lines
  • Anna and Glenn Berry
  • Rudy and Peggy Rooks
  • Kari Payne
  • In memory of Mae and JN Hand
  • In memory of Bernice and OB Hunt
  • Anonymous
  • Marylon Barkan

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