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the project

The Marlborough Community Coalition purchased a vacant Land Bank lot at 8112 Paseo, in the historic 1920’s commercial hub of the five Marlborough neighborhoods. This four-block long district is known as Marlborough Village. The Coalition is working on many fronts to make Marlborough Village once again a vibrant place to live, work and visit.

Construction of a Hydrangea Garden Community Plaza Park on the vacant lot will be a community gathering space for respite and reflection, portable art displays, temporary art installations, small scale musical and theatrical performances, and outdoor learning focused on the arts and environment and neighborhood stewardship. Community members are planning the park. They will be involved in the construction. They will be responsible for its maintenance.

The Community Capital Fund of Kansas City is generously providing a $20,000 grant to kick-start the project in 2016. To meet the match requirement of the Community Capital Fund grant and outreach activities of the project, we need to raise an additional $3,500. Thank you for your support!

the steps

1. April 16, 2016 Project Kick-Off (10am-noon)

Students from the Marlborough Community Center will create a mural on-site. A memorial bench honoring the Coalition’s founding president, Betty Ost Everly, will be installed. The bench was commissioned by Betty’s high school class reunion committee. Detailed garden plans will be available for review and volunteers can learn how they can be involved.

2.  KCMO Brown Fields Study completed. Install Project sign/banner (April)

3.  Unwanted trees and brush cleared. Weed. Grading as needed. Add soil amendments. Collect cardboard for mulching (May –June)

4. Lay cardboard and wood chip mulch. Build compost bin. Secure plants. Build stone retaining wall (July – Aug)

5. Plant! Plant! Plant! (Sept –Oct)

why we're doing it

The history of the Marlborough neighborhoods mirrors the larger story of Kansas City’s growth, decline, and current search for sustainable models of community-building.  Some Marlborough neighborhoods were developed in the early 1900’s, with others in the coming to life in a 1940’s unincorporated setting. We believe the catalysts for revitalization of our five neighborhoods and the historic Marlborough Village commercial district are based in the innovation and inspiration that the arts and the natural environment offer us.

Unlike the trash clean-up days that residents participate in several times each year, the Hydrangea Park and Community Plaza is a hands-on community engagement opportunity for residents to make a long-lasting neighborhood improvement instilling community pride and building new relationships.

The project will provide service learning opportunities through the initial plantings, the multiple uses of the park as a community space, and in the ongoing maintenance needs. One such program will focus on teaching youth to respect and value public and private property as vandalism, littering, loitering has been a problem in Marlborough Village. Another program will engage independently living seniors in harvesting flowers and making sachets, jams and other products from garden plants to be shared with seniors who come to a day care business and those who live in a designated apartment building, both located in Marlborough Village.

The potential uses of the park for outdoor performance and art display are endless, From spoken word and poetry events to art displays associated with the annual Marlborough Arts Festival to a summer mini-concert series featuring musicians living in the neighborhood – the Hydrangea Garden Community Plaza Park will breathe in the diverse soul of our residents and breath out hope for the improved social and economic well being of our neighbors.



RAISED = $3,915.00
ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
 Payment Processing Fee (3%) $113.01

An additional amount of $266.00 was raised over the original target amount of $3,500.00 during the Hydrangea Garden/Community Plaza pocket park campaign. The additional monies will be utilized for a Marlborough Community Coalition Banner (and associated stakes and ties) to display at the site and events in the Marlborough community.



CCF has awarded MCC a total of $20,000 for the Hydrangea Garden Community Plaza Park, where 75% of the award ($15,000) is awarded at the start of this crowdfunding campaign. It’s up to supporters like you to contribute 10% ($2,000) so they can receive the 10% match from Cerner and the 5% CCF bonus ($3,000).

2016 Budget

$2,500         Bob Cat Rental, Soli Amendments, Mulch, Compost Bin Materials, Tools & Supplies

$4,775         Hydrangea, Viburnum, & Lilac Bushes (125 total), Hostas & Native Pollinator Plants (100 total)

$2,500         First Year Maintenance Costs: Water Bills, Rain Barrels, Hoses, Connectors, Fertilizer

$9,725         Initial Materials & Foundation Work of Privacy Support Fence, Wrought Iron Fence & Stone Wall

$1,500         Videography Outreach    

$2,500         Second Year Maintenance Costs: Water Bills, Rain Barrels, Hoses, Connectors, Fertilizer

$23,500     Total


$20,000     Neighborhood Opportunity Grant from The Community Capital Fund of Kansas City which works with organizations that strengthen and develop the financial, social, and knowledge capital of Kansas City’s historically under-resourced and under-invested communities and neighborhoods.

$3,500        Crowdfunding Campaign Goal

2017 Budget

Throughout 2016 additional funds will be raised to complete the installation of the wood privacy and wrought iron fences, the stone retaining wall and to add  solar lighting and a secure access system.


SUBTOTAL = $3,500
ioby Platform Fee $35
Payment Processing Fee of 3%  $105



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