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the project

Hoosier IAC Scholarship Fund seeks donations to give financial assistance to people who would not be able to attend the world gathering to address the prevalence and incidence of HIV (end stage 3 - AIDS).  People who experience disparities in health outcomes live below the federal poverty line.  They are particularly at risk for contracting and spreading the virus. Further, we now have Ryan White Planning Council epidemiology documenting critical phenomena of co-diagnosis -people contracting the HIV are 87% likely to be a bearer of sexually transmitted diseases (STD).  We have an alarming crisis growing in our communities' neighborhoods throughout Indiana among youth, young adults, people ranging from 24 - 44 years (represents the largest group contracting the virus) and elders, i.e., baby boomers.  

We must have an intervention that helps in decreasing and or creates awareness to stop the contracting and spread of HIV and STDs.The most powerful action needing our support is to get people who have experience or interest with HIV to register and attend the International AIDs(HIV) Conference (IAC), and local HIV programs in the Indianapolis area.  This is once in a lifetime opportunity to change the environments of stigma, ignorance, and down right hatred towards fellow citizens through the transformative power of social influence that only occurs from the gathering of the world's family at IAC2022.  The truth is that the very people needing to be informed, educated and advocates are ones most left out of solving the HIV and STDs health crisis in the communities experiencing health disparity outcomes in Indiana. We would want your help to raise the money needed to help our Hoosiers to participate in ending the HIV epidemic.

Responsibilities and Precautions required for self care and awareness created to achieve this is the goal of the conference. The more people who share simultaneous experiences, though perceived differently, the more inclined the individual is to share in the group identity.  The International gathering including our Hoosiers at IAC2022 will likely spawn a dynamic response from each attendee upon return to their respective communities. It occurred to one Hoosier who attended the IAC2018 in Amsterdam,Netherlands. Returning to Indiana he has become an advocate inspired by attending the IAC2018. He has been living with HIV/AIDS 43 long years. He is a witness we are living with full and robust quality of life.  Everyone deserves access to healthcare whatever its need.  We must have voices, bodies and actions which promote each others well being.  We believe and know we will have partners from these experiences seated at the health and healthcare tables who presently are absent their most important guests: the sick choosing to become well. Make a generous donation to the Hoosier IAC Scholarship Fund.  The difference between life and death is health.


the steps

Reaching our goal, we will immediately determine the number of scholarships to be disbursed.

April 2, 2022: The calculation will seek to include one person from each community identified as experiencing disparities in health outcomes including youth 18 years, especially high school and post secondary students. 

April 15, 2022: Results of selection is tendered to actual applicant population.

TBA: Official delegate registration announcement is made by IAS from Geneva, Switzerland. 

May, 2022: A call to action meeting is planned to introduce registered Hoosier IAS official delegates to IAC2020 to one another.  A welcoming and inspirational event is planned to encourage group fellowship and bonding, lessening risks of isolation and anxiety possible with such a large scale event. Delegates will be encouraged to exchange personal emails and phone numbers as a precaution to becoming lost or disoriented to the IAC environment.

April 2022: Registration fees will be forwarded to International AIDS Society (IAS), Geneva, Switzerland as a group lump sum payment for individual delegates by fiscal agent.

April 2022: Each person will receive an official identifying registration code directly from IAS which will allow entry to all conference events, programs and plenary sessions upon IAS receipt of full payment for each applicants fees.

Hotel and round trip air fare will be negotiated for a group fee to include all selected applicants who become official registered delegates and attendees to IAC2022.  At this time, delegates will be expected to depart and return to Indianapolis International Air terminal.  Consideration for Chicago and Louisville air trip departures and arrivals are being pursued for Hoosiers closer to those locales.  Actions are currently being taken to acheive these goals.

May-June 2022: A one time priority meeting of all delegates prior to Conference is planned for an Indianapolis site reviewing itineraries, expected concerns and considerations, safety, disability needs, medical emergencies, and unknown guests.

July 2022: All delegates will be asked to check in with Hoosier IAC Scholarship Fund (HISF) Coordinator to assure all delegates are prepared for departure to Durban, South Africa (tentative location) and return to Indianapolis at the conclusion of the Conference.

Rules governing missed flights and cancellations are  governed by airline rules and regulations and will be sole responsibility of each delegate.  Schedule changes that incur additional costs are the sole responsibility of each delegate/passenger. Be punctual. Always arrive early. The HISF does not take responsibility for any additional costs beyond initial flight arrangements and costs as scheduled per delegate.  Delegates are encouraged to purchase additional insurance covering medical and travel protections.

No cash refunds or adjustments are made or given by the HISF. No cash value is rendered at any time to individual recipients, applicants and/or delegate of HISF.

All applicants assume personal responsibility and liability for loss or stolen items.

Report all emergencies to local authorities immediately.  Do not hesitate to call for help.



why we're doing it

Health outcomes are unequal among Indiana's many varied communities. This situation is particularly impacting the poor and needy; those living at the fringes of Hoosier communities and the outcasts who are stigmatized and disowned. People in our neighborhoods are living with unknown HIV status.  One in seven persons is contracted with the HIV and doesn't know it.  The threat and risk for epidemic is real. We recall the 1980's "AIDS" pandemic that ultimately engulfed the entire USA. It began with the unknown status of one person who contracted HIV/AIDS and spread like wildfire from one person to another until the entire population was embroiled in the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We are on the precipice of another pandemic in our local communities and neighborhoods throughout Indiana who suffer the outcomes of unequal health disparities, and now COVID-19 has impacted people's awareness to care and services.   The one major weapon to fight the increasing prevalence and incidence of HIV is education, awareness and information. Advocacy is the vehicle for community engagement.  The International AIDS (HIV) Conference 2022 is the chosen moment to offer the greatest hope for individual Hoosiers all at once to experience the opportunity for personal change and transformation.  We believe our mission will result in peoples actions taking personal responsibility to support to the end of HIV Epidemic (EHE) and to find the CURE for HIV in our State of Indiana.  We can do it with more Hoosiers learning and becoming aware of HIV education, information, and advocacy.  Join us in getting sick Hoosiers working with well Hoosiers to solve our health problems for everyone's sake.  We will be making the most serious effort to interface our returning IAC2022 delegates with their local Community ACTION Groups which collaborate with local County Health Departments; invite each to membership in Indiana State Board of Health Division of HIV/AIDS and Viral Hep C Advisory Council; and become members of the Ryan White Planning Council Target Grant Area of Indiana. Each delegate will receive support and mentoring when desired by professionals and local community lay leaders.  We are now leading in the faith-based congregations responding to HIV initiatives in their respective congregations.  Funds are neccesary to support these vital initiatives.


Disbursed budget:


TOTAL RAISED = $5,740.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $172.20

Original Budget:

Registration fees International AID/HIV Conference Sponsor International AIDS Society, Geneva, Switzerland

Student $300.00 x 5 =$1,500.00 Registration Fee Deadline April 30th  Flights/Hotel $2,000.00 x 12 = $24,000    Total = $25,500.00

 Adult $1,050.00 x 12 = $12,600     "    "      "                                              "    "      "    $2,000.00 x 12 = $24,000     Total =$36,600.00

                                                                                                                                  Support Services =  $7,000      Total =$  7,000.00   

                                                                                                                                                                         Grand Total =$69,100.00

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $2,197
TOTAL TO RAISE = $73,232


Member chosen to be on HISF Committee

The Hoosier IAC Scholarship Fund (HISF) proudly announces Fran Smith to Selection Committee.  She is the Finance Chairman of the Broadway United Methodist Church which serves as the fiscal agent to HISF. She meets today, Sunday, February 16 with Harold Brown , Facilitator of the HISF.


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