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(Homestead AirBase)
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Planning the Course

the project

My project is to install a fun yet challenging discgolf course on the HARP grounds.  I see this as a way to help a growing community to have more outdoor and inexpensive options in recreation.   This is an important option for the area because there really are very few options for children or adults to go out of there homes and enjoy playing a game, without paying for membership or having to be part of a gated community.  This idea allows access to free fun and healthy living while strengthening the bonds of community.

the steps

  1. Meet with Parks Department to establish limits
  2. Go to the site and map out the course
  3. Contact vendors and order materials
  4. establish volunteers contact list 
  5. Contact any contractors and set a schedule for services
  6. Schedule dates for installations with available volunteers
  7. Install cement pads 
  8. install posts
  9. install anchors
  10. Organize and deploy media campaign (web, flyers, banners, etc.)
  11. Establish Official DiscGolf Club for park and community support
  12. Organize grand opening event.
  13. Day of Grand Opening, Install baskets before event begins.

why we're doing it

Homestead Air Reserve Park is a large piece of land that is not being used or promoted to the community.  I want the community to open it's eyes and see that they CAN go to the park and DO something.  They CAN leave thier screens behind and get into something more engaging, and it doesn't have to be difficult.


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 11/4/15):

RAISED = $18,000.00
less ioby Platform Fee covered by The Miami Foundation $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) covered by The Miami Foundation $831.71
less Payment Processing Fee (3%) n/a
TOTAL TO DISBURSE = $18,000.00


Expenses - Line Item  Total Cash Expenses  Briefly explain the line items for which Foundation Grant Request dollars will be used. 
Project Staff: (Position):     
Project Staff: (Position):     
Project Staff: (Position):     
Project Staff: (Position):     
Services sub-contracted to key partners:     
Consulting Services     
Other Contracted Services  $3,200.00 Pouring of cement tee pads. 
Materials / Supplies  $1,000.00 Lumber, Misc. hardware. Safety gloves 
Marketing/Publicity/Advertising for project  $500.00 Web development of interactive signage as well social media and local govt hotspots and nearby parks and busineses
Raising awareness of The Miami Foundation and the Public Space Challenge  $0.00 All permanent signs and promotional items will have a section in recognition of the Miami Foundation and the Public Space Challenge 
Printing & Copying  $500.00  
Postage & Delivery     
Travel – Local  $600.00 Difficult to quantify the fuel costs of moving heavy materials like sand and lumber over the a prolonged period. 
Travel – Out of County     
Equipment Rental     
Equipment Purchase  $11,000.00 Baskets and signs 
Space Rental for project activities     
Other Costs (Itemize Below)  $1,200.00 Catering (volunteers) as well as grand opening celebration expenses and any other unexpected costs. 
TOTAL EXPENSES $18,000.00  


Planning the Course

Will submit course map proposal.  Once it has been accpted, contruction will begin

Meeting with MDPR

Meeting with MDPR to finalize the limits of the land.


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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