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the project

People looking for sociable, economical, and harmonious housing can find opportunities to choose where and with whom to live through our partnerships with community, cultural and religious organizations. At monthly Housing Mixers sponsored by host organizations in their communities, people can gather to explore a wide range of housing options. There, they will meet others and can find those with common interests and compatible lifestyles.

Single parents, seniors, people with disabilities, millennials who moved back home, and those who enjoy a communal lifestyle could especially benefit from living with people they enjoy and respect. Housing Mixers are low-risk opportunities to meet others, get a sense of who you enjoy, and be able to choose where and with whom to live. If you are curious about alternative housing arrangements, attending #HousingMixers will expose you to a broader range of choices. 

Those who want to form households together will be supported by licensed social service professionals, who will ensure that they evaluate their options wisely and who can provide training in effective communication, the foundation of harmonious living.

We will check, vet and vouch for applicants to assure landlords that rents will be paid on time and properties are cared for.

This is a collaborative project of the Chicago Sustainability Leaders Network and partners JoLynn Doerr, an early pioneer of Prairie Onion Cohousing, and Timothy Heppner, executive director of Ecotelligent Design, which is dedicated to sustainability - both living and teaching. 

Types of housing: Professional Homes managed by Professional Homemakers, non-familial home sharing, dormitory housing.

the steps

Solicit invitations to speak at community, cultural and religious organizations with the goal of facilitating monthly Housing Mixers.
Develop relationships with host organizations. Identify and train liaison teams to help members navigate the system and the process when it is implemented.

why we're doing it

For many people, living in a nuclear family or single family home is a fragile foundation that does not meet the needs of today's reality and lifestyles.Securely housed communities are healthier, stronger and have the breathing room and the motivation to make their communities sustainable, resilient, supportive places to live. 

Families struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads are often gone from home far too long. Living with trustworthy others to pick up children from school, have meals ready when people get home, help with homework, provide access to a car, are tangible improvements. Eliminating the cost of day care, and the time it takes to pick up and drop off, would be a big help. 


Terry, you are doing great work. It seems to me that you need a pilot project to get this off the ground -- a small multi-family apartment building that needs a new type of property manager-professional homemaker. If we in your network could help you find the property owner that is looking for a new property manager, what would that building look like -- location, number of units, other characteristics? How much would you charge (per month)? Although I have no $$ to donate to this project, I am willing to tap into my networks to connect you to a property owner who is looking for a new, more community-minded way to manage a building. Good luck -- Debbie Hillman


DISBURSEMENT BUDGET (as of 4/13/15):

RAISED = 1279.00
less ioby Platform Fee  35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) 57.59
less 3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 34.56

Database: $1,151.85
As of 6/19/15, total raised will be reallocated to cover costs associated with Graphic Design: $1,151.85


Database $2,000

Website $1,500

Graphic Design $1,500  

SUBTOTAL = $5,000
ioby Platform Fee  $35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) $150


UPDATED BUDGET (as of 3.12.15):

Website $2,000

Graphic Design $1,000  

ioby Platform Fee  35
3rd Party Payment Processing Fee (3%) 90



Thank You!

Home Sharing for Happier Living – thanks you!

This brief note is my heartfelt thanks for supporting New Community Vision's Home Sharing for Happier Living crowd funding campaign that IOBY and the Chicago Sustainability Leadership Network (CSLN) made possible. 


Although the $1,279 that we raised was short of our original goal of $5,000 and the reduced goal of $3,000, we would not have had this money otherwise and will put it toward the database development – our first expenditure of funds from outside sources! Pop that champagne!


I talk with everyone I meet about this effort and, without exception, people think it’s a great idea and very much needed. I now realize that I am responsible to bring this idea to fruition, and that I’m capable of the stretch that this requires.


I’m delighted to report that a board of directors is in the formative stages and already helping. So far, we have a “good guy” banker with 30 years’ experience, a social worker with a bunch of letters (M.S., LPC, NCC, BCC) after her name, and a project manager from the computer/internet/data field. Because this board is still forming, I won’t name them until we’re farther along and rowing together in the same boat. Still, it’s looking good.

What’s happening now:

Our strategy is to cultivate relationships with churches, mosques, temples and community organizations anywhere in the Chicago metro area to explain the concept and request the opportunity to present the idea to their membership. For Housing Mixers to be effective, prospective participants need to understand what they are, the potential benefit, and have an idea of what to expect so that about 100 people show up to consider their housing options. Mixing with a big group is necessary because participants will connect with only a few. The mixers will be professionally facilitated with a special effort to ensure that shy people feel welcomed and comfortable.


I met with the Trustees of the People’s Church (a UCC church at 941 W Lawrence) weeks ago and learned that two other churches hold services in the same building. The minister that I met with yesterday was receptive and said that some members of their national organization are committed to housing issues and he will present this new idea to them. I hope to meet with the other minister this week.


One key element of this program is that no one will be stranded. We will vet, check and vouch for residents that are admitted to the program. Professional Homemakers will be carefully selected employees and will have the support of their peers, New Community Vision, the host organization, and the network of social service providers.


Another key element is that host organizations will designate a liaison team to help their members navigate the system and apply for housing. This solves two issues: 1) because the liaison team knows their members, they will be in a position to understand the applicant’s issues and needs; and 2) it frees us up to take housing mixers to many more communities.


As you might imagine, this is just the beginning. Because we are working at the household level, if we get this right (and I’m confident that we will) many related issues – child care, elder care, nutrition, health, education, loneliness, et al, will fall into place. We are at the forefront of making a significant improvement in how people are housed and designing this as a template that could be used anywhere in the country. Your contribution empowers this shift.


Please stay tuned and stay in touch – I love talking about this. Thank you again for your contribution which we will put to very good use. As New Community Vision is not yet a nonprofit, IOBY is acting as our fiscal agent and your contribution is tax deductible. If you didn’t receive the e-mail acknowledging your tax deductible gift, please let me know and I’ll make sure that you get that right away.





Terry Edlin

Grateful for homestretch donors!

Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for the recent donations! It heartens me to continue this work that I believe is important and can be a lifeline to all of us. I take your contribution validates my work which is both comforting and encouraging. 

I hope that many people can come to the crowd funding party tomorrow (April 8th) at The Den, 1333 N Milwaukee, from 5:30 - 7:30. See you there! 


Anonymous Donors - I LOVE you and wish I could thank you directly

Many donors are anonymous but please know how grateful I am for your support. If I can help you in any way, please let me know. Your contribution will be put to very good use as we work to create opportunities for everyone to live in housing that is safe, secure and harmonious! 

Logging on this morning - what did I spy?

Another $25 in our coffers to make our effort fly! Thanks very much Gale.

My attitude has shifted significantly in recent days and I now feel a responsibility to bring this concept into the mainstream. This bolsters my confidence that I am on the right path and that this is exactly what we need to do. My resolve grows stronger every day. Thanks everybody! 

Thanks for your contributions everyone!

Hi Everybody, 

I'm so encouraged by your support for this project. Your contribution will go toward website and database development. Also I'm talking with people to organize this as a nonprofit cooperative, a sturday platform that will attract talented people to contribute to a cause that can change the way we think about housing. This will give many more people a shot at housing that is safe, sociable and that they can afford. Think what a difference that will make. 

With gratitude and heartfelt thanks, 

Terry Edlin

Wow - another $50! Thanks!

Thanks, Anonymous, for the $50 donation! I am very grateful for your contribution and promise to put it to good use! A friend who has watched this effort from Day 1 just read my business plan and I'm pleased to say that she is impressed. I have so many ideas that I want to get crackin' on! Your contribution gives me the rocke fuel to continue this work! 

Another donor - Thanks!!!

Thanks, Mary. I appreciate your support. I feel optimistic that this is going to work and will help a lot of people. 

Thanks, Terry Bergdall!

Thanks for believeing in and supporting this project, Terry. It means a lot to me. We'll make headway to make this a better world. 

Hey - another contribution today!

I'm so excited. I met with the People's Church Trustees today and they were very receptive to this idea. Jean Darling, the Senior Minister, described the concept as "visionary." Thanks, Jean! 

They suggested that since their church is quite small, that I talk with the other two churches that hold services in their building with the goal of presenting this to each churches' leadership committee. The goal is to address the combined congregations to explain the concept in the hope that the monthy Housing Mixers will be a joint undertaking. 

In any group of people, you will connect with only a few of them. So, having a large assembly of potential kindred spirits is a good idea. I will make every effort to ensure that even shy people feel welcomed and not intimidated.  

Thanks to all and rest assured that this is an idea that grows stronger and brighter. 


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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