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the project

     This summer alone, Love Fed completed 25 Home Farm garden beds in the Greater New Haven area. If it were not for the issues that arose from having lack of access to our own pick-up truck, & receiving grant funds late in the season, we would have been able to complete many more. For this reason, many families had to be waitlisted. Regardless of that road-block for the home farms initiative, we educated well over 250 children about urban farming through our partnership with ConnCAT’s after school program, and cooking intuitively. We also helped teachers kick-start a school garden at Wexler Grant Community School. This year, with the help of your donations & the matching funds we'll be recieving from Sustainable CT, we intend to:

1. Complete a minimum of 100 Home Farm garden beds during the spring/summer of 2020.

 2. Have at least 30 volunteers garden with us regularly in our community garden plots. 

3. Visit completed home farm projects at least 1 time during the growing season for troubleshooting support 

4. Host bi-weekly workshops, educating our home farmers and community gardeners about growing food in urban environments and cooking foods from the garden. 

the steps

1. Begin Home Garden Installations (4/15)

2. Start Bi-Weekly Workshop Series

3. 1st Community Event

4. 2nd Community Event

5. 3rd Community Event

6. Final Home Farm Installation

7. Final Community Event & Workshop Series 

why we're doing it

     The motivation behind creating home farms was to provide people with a way to grow their own food at home and navigate around issues that form from trying to obtain plots of land in a city for farming or the uneasiness that some people have about participating in programs created by white-led food organizations in the area. Home farms remove the need to travel to community gardens which sometimes aren’t in the neighborhood, aren’t actively used, or are “full” with active gardeners and may be lacking in number of gardens available in neighborhoods in which we work. Given who we are as young black community leaders, we’ve found participants that we work with to be genuinely inspired and open to inviting us to their home to help them grow food, something we’ve found them feeling less comfortable doing with groups who may not resemble their kith and kin. Home Farms also presents an opportunity for people with certain ethnic backgrounds to get back in touch with their agrarian heritage, a connection that they may have lost over a few generations. 



Unit Cost


Total Cost


Garden Bed




Rodent proof, season extension, soil, lumber, screws, staples, landscape fabric

Truck Rental




Includes gas, 4 garden beds installations per rental





Include materials, venue, possible compensation for specialized experts to facilitate

Community Festival




For raising pubic awareness, communal networking & further fund raising for project

Volunteer Manager




$20/hr @ 8hr/week for 24 Weeks

Lead Chef/Nutritionalist




$20/hr @ 8hr/week for 16 Weeks

Assitant Farmer




$20/hr @ 8hr/week for 24 Weeks

Cooking Equipment




Include equipment, serving materias & any produce subsidies for cooking classes

Social Media




Strategic Ad placement for project promotion, small stipend for dedicated photographer/videographer

Gardener's Toolkit




Garden hand tools, gloves, seeds, educational materials






Grand Total:











ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,250
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $750
TOTAL TO RAISE = $50,000


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