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the project

The Noah's Advocate has been producing annual projects for the last three years. The Blood and Fashion 2019 was held at the historical Strand Theater where over 900 guests attended, and over 80 individuals and artists participated. Every year we have increased the number of guests attending and the amount of artists joining our show.

Last year's show featured a variety of theatrical elements, including a silent play, contemporary, ballet, and African dance, fashion expressed through performing arts by local designers, and an assortment of cultural foods from our surrounding community. Our theme for this year's show was centered around mental health awareness and mental health experiences. Despite affecting so many members within our community, mental health still carries the burden of shame, and those individuals who find themselves managing various conditions are frequently marginalized and/or ostracized. Our show however, was able to present mental health through the prism of art, devoid of any of the stigmatization usually attached to such observations and reflections. We broke down barriers, opened discussions, and revealed the beauty of everyday experiences. This was the power of Blood and Fashion on full display.

the steps

Hold 15 weekly rehearsals on Sundays

Design and print marketing materials, direct promotional video for our social media marking

Purchase and build props

Rent tech the equipments the theatre won't have available, schedule tech week

Coordinate catering, order catering

make deposit on venue, sign contract

Hold virtual workshops to engage community

Meet with designers, choreographer, tech crew, director, stage manager, stage crew, backstage staff, floor manager on a monthly basis

Meet with sound team and director

Meet with lights team for design and tech

Hold virtual forums with community organizations and schools to collaborate and promote


why we're doing it

Noah's Advocate produces the Blood and Fashion project which introduces underrepresented communities to a multicultural showcasing of art, dance, food, and performances, representing their respective cultures in a positive light. Unfortunately, many residents of my community are denied access to the arts, high fashion, and theatre, particularly productions with adequate representation. Projects such as these are simply not made available with any regularity or respectable price points. This project's aim is to correct that injustice. With that in mind, each Blood and Fashion event also incorporates a theme critical to the stability and health of our community. Through a variety of artistic mediums we are able to address seldom discussed issues in a holistic and dynamic manner. Art often is a catalyst for deep reflection, and fosters opportunity for conversations like no other. Blood and Fashion is the rare platform capable of facilitating this opportunity.

This project is about celebrating humanity, community health, and integration, but ultimately it is about opportunity. Blood and Fashion gives community members a voice. And with their voices they are able to take ownership and leadership of Boston's revitalization process. Aspiring models, actors, choreographers, producers, writers, designer, etc., are given opportunities to hone their craft while contributing to the uplift of their community. Many of these artists and participants Blood and Fashion works with are displaying their talents publicly for the first time. Many others have been prevented or discouraged in the pursuit of their dreams. Our project aims to catapult our participants to new heights, allowing this renewed confidence to promote interpersonal growth and better community cohesion.

The community benefits from having access to exceptional art and entertainment. Indeed, homegrown art representative of the cultural realities of its community is a prerequisite of civil society in bloom. Every community deserves to be heard, seen, and felt. It's not enough to only be presented with access. Communities need opportunities to present and organize themselves, and to display their talents. Without such opportunities, a community cannot be fully actualized. Communities deserve complete agency. If we are to empower our citizens, we must cultivate the arts from the grassroots, and Blood and Fashion is the appropriate platform for this responsibility.



Cast- $14,000

Venue- $5,000

Props- $7,000

Food- $5,000

Tech- $6,000

Crew- $5,000

Marketing- $4,000

Admin- $1,500

Decor- $500

Rehearsal Space- $2,000

Emergency Misc- $500

ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $2,719
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $1,632
TOTAL TO RAISE = $54,386


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