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Thank you, Umika!

the project

Seeds in the Middle is working with faculty, students and families of Public School 284 in Brownsville to create a model Hip2B Healthy Fresh Food Box & farmstand and flea market for the community and run by the community that can be replicated by other schools so everyone has affordable, nearby, fun access to fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy options. We plan to hire a local resident, maybe more, who will be paid to run this new go-to healthy destination. 

Seeds in the Middle has been working with PS 284 over the last year to create Hip2B Heatlhy Markets, where students sell fresh juices like orange juice and lemonade, plus give out fresh fruit - all for 50 cents each. We also bring in produce for donations or for giveaway.  The Hip2B Healthy Market, run at our MLK Day of Service 2018, with fun projects like heallthy cooking, soccer, basketball, no sugary drinks and art and more, was a big success.  

Brownsville residents suffer from among the highest obesity, diabetes, asthma, heart disease rates in New York City and that is largely because they have limited access to a healthy lifestyle - like fresh fruits and vegetables, cooking classes to learn how to cook nutritiously and deliciously and nearby fresh produce markets where they can use EBT/SNAP and FMNP.

We believe youth are the change-makers. We will build this weekly go-to market, also building entrepreneurship, with the students and the families so that there is a sustainable way to continue the market and fresh food access. 

Students may be able to become shareholders and get stipends for their participation. Neighbors will be asked to buy vending tables at the flea - right across from the Brownsville Houses so that every small business - even if they don't have a storefront - can get a way to publicize and promote their talent 


the steps

Seeds in the Middle already has approval from the US Department of Agriculture to use EBT/SNAP at PS 284 at 213 Osburn Street.

As soon as we have cash in hand, we will form our Hip2B Healthy Committee to oversee the project, hire a local coordinator to run the market, coordinate with faculty and families,  look for farmers to supply the fresh produce and determine the day of the week to hold the market. We will work with students and the community to publicize the market so we can start by mid to end of October to take advantage of fall harvest and  be able to supply farm fresh produce in time for November  and Thanksgiving.


why we're doing it

Brownsville is in central Brooklyn, one of three NYC neighborhoods with the highest obesity, diabetes, heart disease rates and whose residents suffer from shorter,  more painful lives   than many New Yorkers and the country.  Across the country, low-income minorities - African-Americans and Latino Americans -  suffer disproportionately from preventable diseases related to malnutrition and lack of access to fresh produce and fitness.

Despite millions of dollars of investment over the past decade, the dire health statistics in these communities have not changed. In fact, they have gotten worse.

We don't believe it needs to be this way.

Central Brooklyn is swamped by fast food, junk food, processed food and convenience stores that sell unhealthy food at cheap prices - food that causes the very illnesses keeping people from leading productive lives. We can change that.

We believe youth are our leaders. PS 284 is a beautiful school with strong leadership, a dedicated faculty, a caring community and the ability to use the lessons learned by student Hip2B Healthy ambassadors to also raise chronic low academic achievement in Brownsville. 

This is a unique opportunity for Seeds in the Middle, volunteers and this special educaitonal community to create a model that can be replicated at other nearby schools - where parents and educators also want children to eat healthier food so they can concentrate and achieve higher.  

We believe that these resilient communities have  talent and drive and can create the same healthy places with healthy fun options for kids and families as in wealthier neighborhoods. They just need help and training and resources to get there. This is our plan - to do just that in partnership. This is a start-up entrepreneurial concept. Please join us 



Revised Budget: $12,074.00
People power: Local Fresh Food Box coordinator, administration to make this happen, operating market costs, chef nights: $8200*
Publicity outreach: flyers, posters, banners - $600
Equipment: Tables, tents, cooking supplies and equipment like blenders, plates, utensils, bowls - $800
Student stipends: $300
Transportation; $500
Aprons, t-shirts, re-usable bags  - $1,000
Hip2B Healthy $2 coupons: $274
Purchase of fresh produce, seeds for garden, give-away incentives, chefs: $400
*Please note that some costs were already incurred during the school year for running of Hip2B Healthy Markets at PS 284 to raise funds from December 2019-March 2020.

TOTAL RAISED = $12,484.00
ioby Platform Fee $35.00
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $374.52



People power: Local Fresh Food Box  coordinators, administrators to make this happen and chefs: $10,000

Publicity outreach: flyers, posters, banners - $1,000

Equipment: Tables, tents, cooking supplies and equipment like blenders, plates, utensils, bowls - $2,000

Student stipends: $1000

Transportation; $1,000

Aprons, t-shirts, re-usable bags  - $3,000

Hip2B Healthy $2 coupons: $1000

Purchase of fresh produce, seeds for garden, give-away incentives and chef nights: $1000


ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $620
TOTAL TO RAISE = $20,655


Thank you, Umika!

Thank you to Umika, who donated on Oct. 30th. We don't know you but super-appreciate!

PS 284 raised $196 on Friday, Nov. 1 - Wow!

We are so thrilled that our Hip2B Healthy Ambassadors and Ms. Sanders plus all the community donated and worked the Hip2B Healthy Market and raised $196. The first week, we raised $86, the second week, $138 and now $196. We will get to goal! 

Thanks PS 284 and Tastes of Brooklyn so far!

Thanks so much to the PS 284 community for donating to our first fundraising Hip2B HealthyMarket last Friday. We raised $108.09 that became twice that amount! 

See our photos! 


This is where photos will go once we build flickr integration


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