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ONE LOVE: BRICKSQUAD (Volume 2) (book 1 of the One Love Series)

the project

This film will benefit the community by providing awareness of inner city struggles and obstacles for our Cleveland youth, and present opportunities for education and jobs in the film industry for our youth. This project's principal goal is to shed light on what it was like to be a student at the Cleveland School of the Arts (Upper Campus) from the perspective of an alumni sharing her interpretation of what the Cleveland School of the Arts represented to her.

We are seeking funds for production of a feature length project that will be produced in the greater Cleveland area. Looking also to give student credit to interns and to be able to feed, house, dress and groom actors who are in principal roles. Seeking to hire extras and volunteers.

the steps

Provide Community benefit:

Awareness: Topics

We intend to donate to these charitable organizations:

  • Domestic violence (Cleveland women shelter)

  • Date rape/sexual abuse (rape crisis center)

  • Gang violence/ drug awareness (D.A.R.E. program)

  • Human trafficking (Likeskills)

  • STD/ HIV/AIDS awareness (free clinic)

  • Peer pressure/ self-esteem (boys and girls club)

  • Pregnancy prevention (planned parenthood)

  • Child abuse (Ohio Guidestone)

  • Chapel of Hope: Christian fellowship

Fundraising towards underprivileged youth causes

we intend to approach these sponsors:

  • Planned parenthood

  • Truth

  • Empire

  • Rap-it-up

  • Changing lanes

  • Breaking the Cycle

  • Rape crisis center


why we're doing it

Youth in the greater Cleveland area are underserved, undervalued and essentially underrepresented and seen as adults when they are indeed children that deserve to be acknowledged for their trauma, their contributions to society and they must be educated on high-risk behaviors and see with their eyes the dangers of their current actions. I hope to teach the youth of my city what can happen when you have low self-esteem and experience peer pressure and abuse. It is my hope to lower the crime rate, pregnancy rate, gang violence/drugs, and to lower HIV/AIDS cases. this story is indeed fiction inspired by my real-life experiences I had as a Cleveland school of the arts student in 2005 to 2011.


ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $1,630
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%)
(Donation processing fee does not apply to match funding.)

Create film on budget of $30,000 (to start) with hopes of going toward $100,000 as the production develops.

Budget for the first $30,000:

- $5,000 - equipment rental/ supplies/ software
- $5,000 - room/board/lodging for principle actors (9) - main characters
- $10,000 - film production / cast and crew
- $10,000 - soundtrack production

Additional budget items as production and funding allow:
- $25,000 - proceeds go to charities and the cleveland school of the arts
- $5,000 - wardrobe/hair/make-up (actors/ actress)


ONE LOVE: BRICKSQUAD (Volume 2) (book 1 of the One Love Series)

The One Love series evolves!!!! Get a copy of the re-write of " One Love: the looking glass (book)", the revision is called "One Love: Bricksquad". you can find a copy of the book on - funds from the book will go directly to Taja D. Rogers (this book is separate from the film project titled : Thee hip hop high) if you want to know the story behind the film, you can buy a copy directly or donate to the feature length crowd funding campaign here and you can potentially receive a complementary copy of the book. stay tuned for more progress. anyone who is seeking to volunteer as the script evolves feel free to contact me on social media. I am looking to re-write the hip hopera from the prospectus of youth today.....seeking interns who can write lyrics and read sheet music.....if there are any youth who would like to volunteer as an intern who can write sheet music for this project you would be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time and I would like to give a special shout out to the alumni association at the Cleveland school of the arts. I am glad that my peers are behind me 1,000%. 


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