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the project

We believe in holistic healing and helping people to improve their lives and work through challenges to find their higher purpose. Higher Purpose Girls Rule will be a mentoring program that is focused on nurturing and prevention, with ending the school to prison pipeline and to treat black girls as girls and not as adults, helping them to complete high school, get a GED, or enroll in community college.   

These funds will support our Black Women’s Roundtable Conference with college prep workshops, books, cultural enrichment classes, and meals during gour event, which will take place on the Northside and primarily recruit Northside families. 

Higher Purpose Reentry & Mentoring (HPRM) is dedicated to mentoring women & girls returning home from prison and juvenile detention who have a criminal past that hinders them from becoming full participatory citizens after completing their sentences, by connecting them to education, housing, healthcare, employment & training opportunities.

HPRM will also advocate for systemic change that create these barriers and by promoting second chance opportunities, such as clean slate and fully embracing the challenge of changing attitudes and behaviors, not only of the formerly incarcerated, but society as well.

We envision a community where all returning citizens are valued members of society, where barriers to successful reentry no longer exist, and where all people returning home have full access to the resources needed for a seamless and less traumatic transition back into society.

the steps

Our conference and workshops will happen on the Northside in 2020. 

why we're doing it

I’m doing this is a continuation of my passion and commitment to working with and mentoring women from all walks of life. The fastest growing population being sent to prison are primarily Black women. The latest Allegheny County Jail Collaborative Report says that 59% are black, with 25-34 being the largest group at 39%. These are prime years for establishing families, working meaningful jobs, and connecting with community. Understanding that data is necessary, treating people like numbers instead of people can be a barrier itself. The disparity in the criminal justice system calls for organizations to be culturally competent and culturally responsive to the needs of its citizens most impacted by the system, and Higher Purpose Reentry Services will make this a central tenet of its programming. The War on Drugs has been a war on black women and families too.


     Advertising/Marketing $100.00
     Fiscal Sponsor Administration $95.00
Total Operating $195.00
Program Activities  
     Black Women’s Roundtable Conference $1,000.00
     College Prep Workshops $300.00
     Cultural Enrichment $150.00
Total Program Activities $1,450.00
Materials & Supplies  
      Curriculum & Books $150.00
Total Materials & Supplies $150.00
Other Program Expenses  
       Food $205.00
Total Other Program Expenses $205.00



ioby Platform Fee $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $111
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $66




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