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We're almost there!

the project

Help us bring the first 4 mucket statues to Higganum this summer!

Higganum, Connecticut is quaint yet vibrant village in the Town of Haddam. Located along the Connecticut River, Higganum boasts a blooming history rich in farming and industrial manufacturing. Unique to Higganum’s history is the legend of the “mucket”, an unusual fish-like creature that resides in Candlewood Hill Brook that runs through the center of Higganum. Our project will bring the elusive mucket to life by erecting large statues to be placed at landmark locations throughout Higganum. Possible locations identified include our Town Hall, businesses and buildings in downtown Higganum, and two elementary schools. 

Key individuals who are leading the project’s efforts include Greg McKenna, a local business owner; Cindy Sola, Town of Haddam Economic Development Commission chairperson; and Kate Anderson, Town of Haddam Economic Development Commission Secretary/Treasurer. We also have support of the Town administration including First Selectperson Lizz Milardo and Town Planner Liz Glidden.

In addition to our ultimate goal of building the mucket statues, we would also like to host a “community night” party, similar to a ribbon-cutting event, where we can unveil the mucket statues. This celebratory night is envisioned as an outdoor party held at a local business where community members can come together to enjoy a night of good food, friends, and fun. 

the steps

A company that will make the statues has been identified, but the company requires more in-depth drawings of the mucket than what we have available. We are currently working with a volunteer local artist who can design the mucket statue and provide drawings sufficient for a 3-D mold to be created. Once the mold has been created, mucket production can begin. We anticipate the statues can be in place by the summer so we can have a mucket unveiling party!

why we're doing it

Higganum Village and the Town of Haddam are on the brink of economic development. We are working hard to beautify and unify our downtown area, which is the heart of Higganum. The center of Higganum is the intersection of Routes 81 and 154, which is also a bridge that runs over a small stream. The Connecticut Department of Transportation recently replaced the bridge with a new, sleek design (where a “Muckets Crossing” sign remained hung during construction), and also installed sidewalks and crosswalk lights for pedestrian traffic. Haddam has also recently received brownfield assessment grant money for a building in the center that will drive Higganum one step closer to repurposing and revitalizing an underutilized building. By placing these statues at strategic locations around Higganum, we will continue to unify the Village and demonstrate our dedication to moving Higganum forward.

This unusual creature signature to Higganum will certainly become a topic of conversation among local residents, and our story will likely spread to neighboring communities. Similar to the Town of West Hartford’s painted cows or the City of Willimantic’s Frog Bridge, the muckets will gain notoriety as Higganum’s funky icon of choice. These statues will help memorialize the myth of the mucket, and set in stone (quite literally!) a piece of Higganum culture and history.  In doing so, it will reinvigorate an old lore, create a sense of place through the arts and create a ‘buzz’ among tourists. As Higganum lies within three rivers that flow into the CT River it is also a way to highlight our connection to the water, fishing, and sailing.


Disbursed budget (as of 08.28.17):

RAISED = $3,160.00
less ioby Platform Fee  $35.00
less ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $144.68
less ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $86.81

Original budget:

The preliminary estimate cost for each mucket statue is $800 each, so this initial fundraiser would cover four statues to place at landmark locations throughout the Village. Possible locations identified include the Town Hall, businesses and buildings in downtown Higganum that are adjacent to Candlewood Hill Brook (pharmacy, local market, community center), Burr Elementary School, Haddam Elementary School, and other plazas/businesses throughout the Village.

Any monies raised beyond the $3,200 would be applied towards additional statues. Alternatively, monies raised beyond $3,200 could also be used towards our community night party once a schedule is determined. 

Project Subtotal =  $3,200
ioby Platform Fee  $35
ioby Fiscal Sponsorship Fee (5%) $160
ioby Donation Processing Fee (3%) $96
Total to Raise on ioby = $3,491



We're almost there!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! Our mucket mold drawings are under way and every donation gets us one step closer to unveiling mucket madness in the center of Higganum. Any additional money raised above & beyond our original goal will help us to create even more muckets!!


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