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the project

Imagine a portable counting device to measure bike traffic, used for community projects around NYC. Now imagine the numbers on the screen are legible from 100 ft away. That's the hi-viz bright bike counter.

With technical help from the talented team at Tomorrow Lab ( , we're creating this tool to help communities gather data about biking, and be seen doing it. Tomorrow Lab are kindly donating their time to prototype and build the counter. Planning Corps is fundraising to cover material costs. 

Once the counter is ready, Planning Corps will go out and offer its visible, effective counting services to community groups in the city!

the steps

Tomorrow Lab started work on a protoype bike counter already, we're going to use the money we raise to cover material costs. Once the counter is ready, we will carry out counts on key places with a lot of bike traffic, like the Hudson River Greenway and the East River Bridges. With Citi Bike, we're excited to see the totals reaching five figures on a sunny day.

why we're doing it

Planning Corps wants a portable, temporary self-standing Bicycle Counter for NYC. The counter will be used to collect data, conduct insightful analytical work and advocate for progressive transportation policies. Long term, Planning Corps may offer the counter to community organizations and Transportation Alternatives for use in their work. The counter will help more communities use data in local decision making, and help make the volume of cyclists more visible in the city. 


Can't wait to be counted!
Hi everyone -- thanks for your support so far. We are looking forward to giving all supporters the chance to be the first over the line, so if you'd like to be in the select low double digits on the bike counter during its first public use, give today!


We are raising $900 to cover the cost of materials for the prototype. 

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RAISED = $927
ioby Platform Fee  waived
3rd Party Credit Card Processing Fee (3%) $27




Answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is Planning Corps?

We're a volunteer group of urban planners, working to support community

projects in NYC.

What exactly is the hi-viz counter?

It is a portable, battery powered display with a bike counter attached. The

counter uses a pneumatic tube, and every time a bike crosses the tube, the

display goes up by one. Similar counters exist in other cities, but this

one will be the first in NYC and the first one to be community-owned.

Does the counter work?

Tomorrow Lab are very talented NYC-based engineers and product designers,

they are modifying their existing Way Count for us. Read more about Way

Count --

What will you do with the counter?

After some experimental weeks counting on the bridges, we'll offer it to

Transportation Alternatives, and other groups interested in counting and

tracking bike activity. Because the screen is so visible, we think the

counter will help generate conversation and awareness about how many people

are biking, and where.

Keep your questions coming to!


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