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Want to Garden? Volunteer at the Old Stone House.

the project

We will construct large capacity compost bins in the new Farm Garden at OSH.  These bins will receive material from the Farmer's Market and individuals in the neighborhood to enrich and improve our heritage gardens.  The bins will be state-of-the-art, rodent proof, recycled plastic lumber with unbreakable lids.  They rest on a concrete slab which we already have in place.  We expect these bins to have a lifespan of at least 20 years.

We will run education programs to support this activity, informing people how to use the compost system and why this is so important.  Many students now tour our site and we can explain to them that the Dutch colonists did not purchase inputs for agricultural use, that fertility is traditionally based on natural methods and that we can reduce our waste stream and gain benefit by composting all of our organic waste material.

the steps

We will secure a carpenter and price materials.  Then we will build the bins.  Once the bins are constructed we will have a volunteer staff the system every Sunday to educate neighbors on it's use and supervise input from the Farmer's Market.

why we're doing it

We are doing this because everyone needs to understand organic waste management.  
In spite of our wonderful neighborhood, many people who would like to compost have not
started doing so.  We want to help them get started and demonstrate the amazing difference it can create in a garden.  Living soil is an unfamiliar concept for most people.  They understand nutrient value but not the benefits of soil bacteria.  We can not only talk about this but we will show them the vitality of a thriving garden in a dynamic landscape.



600.00 materials - Dyke's Lumber
400.00 labor - a local carpenter

project total = $1000
ioby fee = $35
third party credit card processing fee = 3% = $30
total to raise = $1065


Want to Garden? Volunteer at the Old Stone House.


Calling all amateur gardeners!  Volunteer at the Old Stone House on Wednesdays from now until June 6th!  Details below:


Group Name: The Old Stone House

Event Name (if any): Garden field practice

Location (Address with Neighborhood): Park Slope, BK at Old Stone House Washington Park is between 3rd and 4th St and 4th & 5th Ave

Date(s) and Time(s): Wednesdays, 10am - 2pm through June 6

Best Contact and Contact's Info: Claudia Joseph please do register ahead of time by sending an email.

Short Description of Event: We care for the gardens., planting, weeding, watering - whatever needs to be done.  We will be setting 2 new gardens by May 11.


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